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Don't worry, we have lots of different gift options. We present you with different options for giving wine as a present. Gifts for wine lovers, so you’ll always get it right.

Wines and sparkling wines in various formats and in presentations elegantly dressed for the occasion, all with different production methods, styles and origins. A wide variety of gifts to satisfy even the most demanding recipients. It couldn’t be easier! See for yourself!

Wine gift boxed: The most original way to give wine as a gift

wine gift boxed

Our favorite wineries celebrate and offer us a wide selection of wines to give as gifts. One or more bottles and different formats presented in special limited edition cases for the occasion. The most original way to surprise when giving wine as a gift.

Champagne for gift. Special editions of the best sparkling wines ready to celebrate

champagne for gift

Because no celebration should be without bubbles, we offer you an exquisite selection of the best champagnes and sparkling wines. One or more bottles dressed in elegant limited edition cases ready to give as presents. An ideal gift for special occasions.

Wine + Glasses wine set: The perfect match for wine lovers

wine and glasses wine set

To appreciate a wine in all its splendor you need a suitable glass, so we offer packs with your favorite wines accompanied by the perfect glasses to enjoy them. It couldn’t be easier!

Gift Card: The gift you’ll always get right

gift card

So many varieties of wines, sparkling wines, distillates and wine accessories and you’re having trouble deciding what to give as a gift? We’ll make it easy for you. Choose to send our gift card. The person you want to give a present to will receive an email with a discount code to spend in our shop, for whatever amount you decide. Our entire catalog is just a click away! The easiest way to give a gift, where you’ll always get it right.

Wine boxes gift: A very special personalized gift

wine boxes gift

Nothing shows more affection than a personalized present. We offer you three models of cases for one, two or three bottles so you can present your gifts elegantly and with a very personal touch. In addition to being well-presented, your bottles will travel safely and securely. Choose the bottles you want, add a card and make your gift a very special one. It’s that easy!

Corporate gifts


Do you want to give your customers a great gift? A classic Rioja, or Ribera del Duero, or Bordeaux perhaps, for those all-time classics. A Priorat or a good wine from Burgundy for those who want to go a little further. Or even a new world wine for people who like to try something different. We have the perfect wine for every personality.