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Cloudburst Cabernet Sauvignon

The most “exceptional” biodynamics taken to the highest level
75 cl.
priority_high 75 cl.
2018 Offer!
96 Suckling
Alcohol 13.40%
Production area Margaret River
Designation Wilyabrup
Winery Cloudburst
Varieties 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Service 17.0
Volume 75 cl.
Tasting notes

Red wine Aged in wood Biodynamic and Natural.

Style Cloudburst Cabernet Sauvignon
Cured cheeses, Chocolate, Red meat

About Cloudburst Cabernet Sauvignon

In 2004, American Will Berliner and his wife Alison Jobson bought a 100-hectare plot of land in Wilyabrup, a sub-region of Margaret River in Western Australia. In principle, they weren’t looking for anything specific. They just wanted to find a place that spoke to them and that they could connect with. They found this in a small corner near the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, where local experts recommended planting vineyards. For years, he had run a camping equipment company and had no idea about the world of wine. But he finally decided to follow the advice and swap the initial avocado planting he had in mind for grapes.

This is how, almost by chance, Cloudburst, one of Australia’s most talked about wineries, was born. This fame is largely due to the three-figure price of its bottles, considered by many to be “exorbitant”. However, for Will Berliner, this isn’t where the focus lies: “My goal from the beginning was to make the most exceptional wine possible. It was never about scale or money, so Cloudburst is driven by very different things to my neighbours. There’s no one doing what we’re doing anywhere else. I don’t know anyone who goes as far as we do in taking care of this place,” Berliner said in an interview.

This is indeed the case every day in his small vineyard, barely half a hectare in size, where he grows Malbec, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon on Wilyabrup’s rocky and sandy soil. This last variety in particular has contributed most to the area’s reputation, known worldwide for the elegant and mineral aspect of its red wines. It should also be noted that Margaret River is one of the few remaining phylloxera-free areas in the world. This means that the vines, without fear of this aphid, grow on their own roots (without any type of grafting). For Will Berliner, the soil is also very important, he thinks of it as a living element, full of microbial life, which shouldn’t be disturbed in any way (which means not tilling it). Neither is it irrigated or treated with chemicals.

This minimal intervention is also maintained during winemaking, allowing Cloudburst Cabernet Sauvignon to fully express itself. The grapes are harvested by hand, using small boxes, in order to preserve the condition of the bunches. The grapes must reach the winery in the best possible condition. Here they are crushed and pressed directly into the barrel, where Cloudburst Cabernet Sauvignon will undergo fermentation and aging. For Will Berliner, the secret is to move and disturb the wine as little as possible.

At the beginning of his career, back in 2005, Will Berliner stated that despite the price he sells his wines at, he wasn’t earning enough to cover costs. Their attention to detail and meticulousness in caring for the vineyard drive up costs. Nevertheless, Will Berliner feels more than compensated when it comes to satisfaction. After all, it’s not all about money.


Cloudburst Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 is a concentrated and delicious red. The nose is intense and complex, with aromas that start with blackberries and end in smoky touches. In between there is also the sweetness of violet that balances perfectly with the dark chocolate. The palate is also powerful, with lively acidity and structured tannins. Fresh and spicy. Long and fiery finish.

96 Suckling
94 Suckling

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