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Unique wines. Unmissable wines. Sara Pérez wines.

17/04/2020 Wineries

Sara Pérez is one of today’s most prominent names of the Spanish wine scene. Part of the renowned Pérez Ovejero family, her father José Luis led the Priorat revolution back in the 80s, and she ru [...]

Which Vega Sicilia would make the best gift?

19/11/2019 Wineries

There is no doubt that Vega Sicilia is a jewel in the Ribera del Duero crown and the best-known, legendary winery in Spain. It is part of the Tempos Vega Sicilia Group, who produce some of the [...]

Raventós i Blanc, a universe in balance

11/11/2019 Wineries

Wine makers for five centuries, the Raventós family represents the longest dynasty of documented winemaking tradition in Europe which, since 1497 and over almost 21 generations has known how to [...]

Pétrus, a dream for everyone, a reality for only a few

29/10/2019 Wineries

There aren’t many people who can afford to buy and enjoy Pétrus, a legendary and mythical French wine. Will you be one of the lucky ones? We know Bordeaux as the most important wine region in th [...]

So de Tardor, the new wine from Primavera Sound

29/05/2019 Wineries

So de Tardor, is the name of the new project by the founders of the renowned avant-garde music festival Primavera Sound, This year it celebrates its 19th edition in Barcelona. However, although i [...]

New vintages of Vega Sicília wine

22/02/2019 Wineries

After a short wait, we can announce that we finally have the new vintages of the Vega Sicília wines for sale. Vega Sicília wine is one of those wines that pass beyond the frontier of wine as su [...]

Grape-picking in Comando G: Fine wines / high class work

01/10/2018 Wineries

We’ve set off for the Sierra de Gredos to pick grapes for a few days with Fer and Dani, components of Comando G and Daniel Landi a winery devoted to fine precision work. Grenache wines from grape [...]

A visit to Terroir al Límit

20/06/2018 Wineries

We recently visited the winery Terroir al Lìmit, lead by Dominik Huber, a German citizen who first arrived in Priorat in 1996. His way of interpreting the landscapes has changed over the years, u [...]

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