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Kosher wines: suitable for the Jewish religion, perfect for everyone

07/07/2020 Winemaking

Do they have a different flavor than regular wines? Are they made only in regions of Jewish religion? Are they only to be consumed by practitioners of the Jewish faith? The answer is a big, [...]

Beyond traditional sparkling French wine

23/06/2020 Winemaking

If we’re talking about sparkling wines, there’s no doubt that the French are the kings. The great reputation of champagne monopolizes most of our glasses when we start to celebrate. However, out [...]

New Albariños

11/06/2020 Winemaking

The Albariño variety remains popular. Native to Galicia, this grape transcends the concept of young, fresh and fruity wines and has a loyal following of people who love its aging on lees and [...]

The adventures and misadventures of sparkling wine in Spain

09/06/2020 Winemaking

Sparkling wine originated in France, when a Benedictine monk named Dom Pierre Pérignon accidentally made a “crazy wine” with bubbles in 1688, but it took almost 150 years for it to be accepted in [...]

Orange wines: white wines with a red soul

31/03/2020 Winemaking

These wines are certainly not orange, but that is the first thing that comes to mind when you see the phrase ‘orange wine’, which is why the name leads to so much confusion. At Decántalo, we are [...]

Verdejo, the most ‘mainstream’ white grape

17/03/2020 Winemaking

The Verdejo grape could be described as a phenomenon, and it has caused a huge increase in white wine consumption in Spain. But what is so special about this variety that is making waves around [...]

Merlot, an elegant and seductive lady

19/02/2020 Winemaking

Often in the shadow of Cabernet Sauvignon, the Merlot grape is now considered an essential in the winemaking world thanks to its appearance in a small but exclusive selection of musts that have [...]

Seductive Pedro Ximénez sweet wine

29/01/2020 Winemaking

We know that Pedro Ximénez are responsible for some of the most captivating and long-lived sweet wines in the world, but behind this name there are stories, legends and other curious facts. [...]

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