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International Tempranillo Day, the flagship variety of Spain

12/11/2020 Winemaking

The International Tempranillo Day is celebrated this 12th November. These wines have positioned regions such as its birthplace, the DOCa. Rioja, as one of the most important wine regions in the [...]

From bag in box to keykeg. New ways of packaging wine

16/10/2020 Winemaking

Creativity is everywhere and the wine industry is certainly no exception. We have gone from the ancient system of packaging and transporting wine in amphorae, from the romantic image of [...]

Dolcetto d’Alba: an exceptional Italian DOC

14/10/2020 Winemaking

Because Italy has such diverse geography and climates, there is also huge variety in the styles of wine made here. This is a country with a long history of winemaking. One significant area of [...]

Rioja Gran Reserva wines, patience rewarded

06/10/2020 Winemaking

Rioja Gran Reserva wines are those made from excellent harvests and aged for a minimum of two years in oak barrels plus two years in the bottle before being sold if they are red wines. According [...]

How do you know if a wine is in good condition?

24/09/2020 Winemaking

Knowing whether a wine is in good condition or not is common sense. Sight, smell and taste are the best ways to find out if it there is something wrong. Although it is possible to see some of [...]

Rioja Reserva wines, where wood turns to velvet

22/09/2020 Winemaking

In many ways, Rioja is synonymous with wine. This Spanish region has given the world some of the most legendary and sought-after wines for any self-respecting wine lover. Rioja wines come in all [...]

Intensely Cariñena, a variety that crosses borders

15/09/2020 Winemaking

Written 15 September, 2020 by Núria Escofet There are many different grape varieties. But there is only one named after a region: Cariñena. Cariñena is a Spanish town in the province of Zar [...]

Rioja’s crianza red wines, the importance of aging

04/09/2020 Winemaking

Written 4 September, 2020 by Silvia Arellano Everyone has heard of wines from La Rioja! This outstanding Spanish wine region is known all over the world for its extraordinary wines. These are [...]

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