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Sparkling wines, the taste is in the color

15/06/2021 Winemaking

Although sparkling wines have always been associated with celebrations, the truth is that more and more wine lovers are choosing this type of wine for everyday life. Fresh, sparkling and very [...]

Bacchus Awards 2021, a coveted recognition

Winning an award at Bacchus, the International Wine Competition held annually at the Casino de Madrid (Spain), is an international recognition of quality. Run by the Spanish Tasters Union (UEC), [...]

How many calories are there in a glass of wine?

25/05/2021 Winemaking

Temperatures are rising and with that comes the desire to wear fewer layers. And this is the time when lots of people decide it would be good to lose a few pounds. If you’re in the middle of g [...]

Getting to know Juan Carlos López de Lacalle, winemaker at Artadi

Visionary, unconventional and revolutionary. These are some of the adjectives used to describe Juan Carlos López de Lacalle. With his modest knowledge and without making any fuss, this man has [...]

5 rosé wines with an unusual charm

14/05/2021 Breaking news , Winemaking

Pablo Neruda once said, “I want to do with you what spring does with cherry trees”, and rosé wines are a bit like that: they appear during the spring to fill us with optimism with their striking [...]

Spanish sweet wines, going beyond dessert wines

24/02/2021 Winemaking

Sweet wines were, at one point in time, the most popular style of wine in the world, however, up to now, sweet wines have been undervalued for a long time, having to work extra hard to keep [...]

Wines of Greece, delicacies of Olympus

09/02/2021 Winemaking

Considered one of the oldest wine-growing regions in the world, Greek wines have always been a benchmark for modern winemakers. This country has a long experience in vine cultivation and wine [...]

Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!

19/11/2020 Winemaking

The New Beaujolais has arrived! It’s the most famous advertising claim in the wine world that refers to the most anticipated wine of the year: the fresh, fun and fruity Beaujolais Nouveau, the f [...]

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