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  • Albariño, the most international Galician grape

    15/07/2019 Winemaking

    What comes to mind when you hear the word Albariño? Some believe that Albariño is a geographical area; others imagine the sea and the seafood accompanied by a glass of white wine. There will pe [...]

  • Fino, Manzanilla, Amontillado, Oloroso, Palo cortado: Sherry wines

    18/06/2019 Winemaking

    The wines made in the region of Jerez (Fino, Manzanilla, Amontillado, Oloroso, Palo Cortado) are wines that are unique in the world. Unique due to their processing conditions. Unique due to the p [...]

  • Dry white wine

    09/04/2019 Winemaking

    Enologically speaking, we refer to a wine as being a dry white wine when we want to say that there is no sugar present in it or that the presence of sugar is almost nil.  However, more col [...]

  • Fruity white wine

    02/04/2019 Winemaking

    The expression fruity white wine is a very common term among lovers of white wine. But do you know what we mean when we refer to a white wine as being a fruity white wine?  We’re talking about th [...]

  • Vegan wine: what are vegan wines?

    14/03/2019 Winemaking

    We’ve realised that customers feel a bit confused whenever we talk about vegan wine: Vegan wine? But doesn’t wine come from grapes? And so, isn’t all wine vegan? Well no, not all wines are [...]

  • Types of white wine

    01/03/2019 Winemaking

    Many of you ask us what the different types of white wine that can be found are. So we thought it would be a good idea to write this post as a source of reference when cataloguing the d [...]

  • The influence of different types of soil on wine: Slate

    25/01/2019 Winemaking

    We continue with the second chapter about the influence of types of soil on wine, having previously talked about the influence of granite. This time we focus on Slate soils.   Slate soils [...]

  • The Top 10 of the best White Grenache wines

    27/07/2018 Winemaking

    The White Grenache (Garnacha Blanca) is a white grape variety of Spanish origin. Extending throughout the Iberian Peninsula, it is known by different names depending on the area where it grows: [...]

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