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White wine vs. red wine

29/09/2021 The tasting , Winemaking

When it comes to choosing a wine, the options are endless. Different denominations of origin, varieties, production methods and so much more. However, the most common and easiest thing to do is [...]

Grape harvest, the most exciting time of the year

07/09/2021 Breaking news , Winemaking

It’s harvest time in the northern hemisphere! One of the most exciting moments of the coming year that is decided by different factors, both natural and human. This event plays a big part in b [...]

How does altitude influence wine?

01/09/2021 Winemaking

High altitude wines or mountain wines are those that come from vineyards growing 500-800 metres above sea level. You’re probably familiar with them but do you know how altitude influences a w [...]

That sweet gentleman with an English accent, “feito em Portugal”

Port wine is a sweet, elegant and seductive gentleman who has managed to become one of the most sought after and best known fortified wines in the world. It has a curious history, because it was [...]

Sulphite-free wines, a fad or a reality?

11/08/2021 Winemaking

You’ll have come across the printed warning "contains sulphites" on more than one wine label. The truth is that every day there are more and more winegrowers who avoid this component in their w [...]

Which champagne should you buy?

Known as the exclusive drink for special occasions, the traditional ideas about champagne have been stripped away and it has become the perfect choice for any time of year; and now that [...]

Albariño, Chardonnay, Riesling and Verdejo: four of a kind of white grapes!

If there’s one thing these four grapes have in common, it’s that they’re the queens of the white varieties, as they’re loved by everyone! The wines made from them are undoubtedly the most sought [...]

Sparkling wines, the taste is in the color

15/06/2021 Winemaking

Although sparkling wines have always been associated with celebrations, the truth is that more and more wine lovers are choosing this type of wine for everyday life. Fresh, sparkling and very [...]

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