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What is a wine for aging?

12/01/2022 Winemaking

“The older the wine, the better” is one of the most widespread and popular myths among wine enthusiasts and those who are curious. While it is true that some great wines do develop strong qua [...]

Does wine contain gluten?

05/01/2022 Winemaking

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley or rye which is harmless to the human body in the first instance. However, there’s a proportion of people who suffer from celiac disease, so ingesting g [...]

Which are the best champagnes in the world?

French Champagnes! Two words that express a meaningful desire with sensations of luxury, glamour, elegance and celebration. Although this expression is redundant, because all champagnes are [...]

How to make wine, step by step

20/10/2021 Winemaking

Wine is an everyday drink that has been around for seven thousand years, and it is made in pretty much the same way as it was originally. Wine is such a normal thing that we don’t stop to think a [...]

Which wine should I give as a gift?

The gift of wine always goes down well with people. With a knowledgeable friend, a demanding customer or even a kind neighbour... Wine is something that really cheers people up. But when it [...]

White wine vs. red wine

29/09/2021 Winemaking

When it comes to choosing a wine, the options are endless. Different denominations of origin, varieties, production methods and so much more. However, the most common and easiest thing to do is [...]

Grape harvest, the most exciting time of the year

07/09/2021 Breaking news , Winemaking

It’s harvest time in the northern hemisphere! One of the most exciting moments of the coming year that is decided by different factors, both natural and human. This event plays a big part in b [...]

How does altitude influence wine?

01/09/2021 Winemaking

High altitude wines or mountain wines are those that come from vineyards growing 500-800 metres above sea level. You’re probably familiar with them but do you know how altitude influences a w [...]

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