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  • White wines to pair with fish

    07/05/2015 Special moments

    As our most faithful readers will remember, a few days ago we posted an article about pairing red wine and fish, in which we proposed a number of tips and ideas in order to enhance our [...]

  • Pairing wine with fish

    16/04/2015 Special moments

    As the heat of summer is slowly approaching, with it, our dining habits change. Almost without noticing, we abandon hot soups and stronger red meat in favour of dishes which are more consistent [...]

  • 5 Red wines to enjoy in the spring

    08/04/2015 Special moments

    Spring is here! A time for flowers and fresh fruits. Lazy afternoons, walks ouside and quality time with people who matter. As always, if possible, accompanied by a glass of wine. Longer days [...]

  • 7 tips for giving wine at Christmas

    27/11/2014 Special moments

    It seems as though the Christmas lights have arrived in towns and shopping centres, we are fully entering into the Christmas shopping season, and like every year, we have to think about presents [...]

  • 10 great wines to enjoy this summer

    10/07/2014 Special moments

    Summer is here! Time to bask in the sun and enjoy some well-earned rest with friends and… you guessed it! A good glass of wine. Granted, this post is about summer wine. But when talking about s [...]

  • Mother’s Day presents

    23/04/2014 Special moments

    Mother’s Day is round the corner in Spain, and at Decantalo we’ve been drawing up a list of ideal wines to give as presents to our mothers. To save you reading time, we’ll tell you from the outse [...]

  • Red wine for summer

    24/07/2013 Special moments

    After our last post proposing a selection of white wine perfect to be enjoyed in summer, in this article, we want to refute the idea that red wine is not compatible with warm weather. First of [...]

  • The best white wines to enjoy in summer

    09/07/2013 Special moments

    In summer, white wine is a must. High temperatures are linked to relax and holiday leisure and as a result, there is an increasing demand for fresh, fruity and easy-drinking wines to match a [...]

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