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Alsace wines: German-style French wines

12/03/2020 Production area

In the smallest region of France, at the foot of the Vosges mountain range and bordering Germany and Switzerland, lies Alsace, a wine region mostly famous for its world-renowned dry, aromatic [...]

Italian sparkling wine, the taste is in the bubbles

26/02/2020 Production area

There is a great variety of Italian sparkling wine, and some of them are very high quality. Each region produces something slightly different. Delicious sparkling wines with authentic local [...]

Vinho Verde, one of the freshest DOCs

22/01/2020 Production area

You might think we are talking about green-coloured wine, but Vinho Verde is actually a Controlled Denomination of Origin in northwestern Portugal known for its young, fresh and pungent acidic [...]

The Italian wine that every wine lover should know about

10/10/2019 Production area

Oenotria, meaning “Land of wine” is the name the ancient Greeks gave to Italy. It is clear that they were onto something. With around 700,000 hectares of vineyards, it ranks second in the world b [...]

Port wine, the sweet reward for patience

01/10/2019 Production area

It is said that you cannot get more British than port wine. It was made like a tailored suit, precisely so that it would suit the English taste and succeed there. The truth is that Port wines [...]

The wines of Languedoc-Roussillon, Mediterranean France for everyone

16/09/2019 Production area

Known for being the largest table wine maker in France, the Languedoc-Roussillon region is trying to shake off the stigma of making large quantities of cheap wine so that they can show off the [...]

Bordeaux wine: la Rive Gauche

05/09/2019 Production area

A few days ago we talked about Bordeaux wines and their significance on the international wine scene. However, we looked at only one of the regions, the Right Bank or Rive Droite of the Dordogne [...]

Bordeaux wine: La rive droite

16/08/2019 Production area

For more than two centuries, the French region of Bordeaux has been recognized as the world’s first wine region. Bordeaux wine is sought internationally and many of the Châteaux producers are co [...]

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