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Wines of Hungary, the best kept secret in Central Europe

29/01/2021 Production area

We know that Hungary is the home of “Vinum Regum, Rex Vinorum”, (wine of kings, king of wines), which is how King Louis XIV of France referred to his favourite sweet wines, Tokaji Aszú. These win [...]

South Africa, the New World revolution

12/01/2021 Production area

South Africa is known for being one of the “New World” winemaking countries but it has a longer winemaking history than we might think, dating back more than 300 years. There is no doubt that thi [...]

New Parker scores for Rioja wines

15/11/2020 Production area

Luis Gutiérrez, a well-known taster for the Wine Advocate magazine, has come back to the DOCa. Rioja and has things to say about the region’s wines and producers. Most importantly, though, he has [...]

Terra Alta Garnachas, some of the best in the world

20/10/2020 Production area

The Garnacha variety originates on the Iberian peninsula and grows all around the winemaking world. In all the places Garnacha is grown, it is known and loved.  Grenache, Garnacha, Garnatxa, [...]

The wine of Italian Tuscany: well-deserved fame

11/08/2020 Production area

When we talk about Tuscany, we soon think of good wine. It’s an important quality wine producing region located in central Italy, by the Tyrrhenian Sea. The excellent soil, opportune climate and [...]

Germany; the home of white wine

28/07/2020 Production area

If German viticulture is known for one thing, it is for making white wines. German white wine is generally elegant, easy to drink and enjoyed by everyone. These are unique wines which, following [...]

Barolo and Barbaresco, the world’s most sought-after Italian Nebbiolo wines

21/07/2020 Production area

Piedmont, whose name comes from the Latin “ad pedem montium”, and means “at the foot of the mountains”, is the second largest Italian region and is surrounded by mountains on three sides, hence t [...]

Burgenland: The red revolution

16/07/2020 Production area

When we think Austria, we think dry, white wines, mostly made with the Grüner Veltliner variety. There are also the sweet dessert wines made as a result of botrytis or noble rot. However, a new [...]

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