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Don't miss our articles on the world of wine. Wineries, production types, wine regions, pairings, interviews with the top professionals in the winemaking world and all the latest wine news.
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New wines for the month of June at Decántalo.

09/06/2015 New on catalog

Although we find ourselves well into this new month, we don’t want to miss the opportunity to mention some of our new Spanish wines that have only recently, in the last 30 days have been added t [...]

New Wines for the month of March on Decántalo

04/03/2015 New on catalog

We’re here to present our new arrivals for the month of March. Don’t miss these new wines, many of which have new references and are the 2014 vintage. As always, available now on our web page. En [...]

New Wines on Decántalo for the month of February!

02/02/2015 New on catalog

We begin cold February, by taking the opportunity to propose a selection of new wines that have become part of our broad portfolio of Spanish wines. Do not miss this news, which is especially [...]

Wine news this December at Decántalo

01/12/2014 New on catalog

We have reached a new month, the last month of the year, and at Decántalo we are enjoying the arrival of a selection of new wines this December to offer you as they have formed a part of our [...]

New wines this October at Decántalo

02/10/2014 New on catalog

A few weeks have passed as if by magic and now we are completely in October. As usual, this is the perfect opportunity to recover some new wines from the last 30 days that have made out wide [...]

September News at Decántalo

08/09/2014 New on catalog

A new month and a new opportunity to discover some of the latest wines from the last 30 days that have caused our wide selection of Spainish wine to swell. So do not miss this selection of new [...]

New wines for the month of August in Decántalo

12/08/2014 New on catalog

Although August is already in full swing, at Decántalo we stand by the old adage: better late than never. That is why we introduce to you the new wines of the month, all of which may be found on [...]

July News at Decántalo

02/07/2014 New on catalog

We’re already in July and, as always, we bring you ten new wines for sale on our website this month. We’ve got a wide selection of new vintages and this month’s other latest additions that you ca [...]

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