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Don't miss our articles on the world of wine. Wineries, production types, wine regions, pairings, interviews with the top professionals in the winemaking world and all the latest wine news.
Articles about wine

Getting to know Victoria Pariente

04/08/2020 Interviews

Chemical sciences graduate and winemaker Victoria Pariente runs the José Pariente winery in the D.O. Rueda and is considered one of the most influential and elegant women of the international [...]

Discovering Ricardo Pérez Palacios

30/06/2020 Interviews , Wineries

The Spanish winegrower Ricardo Pérez Palacios runs the Descendientes de J. Palacios winery in the DO Bierzo with his uncle Álvaro Palacios, a place where some of the most sought-after wines in t [...]

A day in the world of ‘El Mozo Wines’

23/09/2016 Interviews , Wineries

El Mozo Wines includes Itxaso Compañón, Gorka Mauleon and their two children. Theirs is a story of revisiting roots. Due to certain life circumstances, they had to return to Lanciego in order to [...]

Interview with Ramón Parera from the winery Pardas

22/07/2011 Interviews

This time, we met Ramón Parera, winemaker and oenologist at the Pardas winery. We talked on how the winery was founded and on his philosophy regarding the terroir and his wines. Really [...]

Interview with Josep Grau from the winery Josep Grau Viticultors

26/04/2011 Interviews

In order to provide you with all the information related to your favourite wines, we open a new section devoted to the interviews conducted with their winemakers. Who can tell us the secrets of [...]

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