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Women and Wine

07/03/2018 Breaking news

Women equality should be praised every day, not only on the 8 March. And, of course, it should also be praised in the world of wine. To commemorate International Women’s Day, at Decántalo we wa [...]

Vineyard zoning is slowly becoming a reality

28/02/2018 Breaking news

  In recent times, in many Denominations of Origin (D.O.) they are claiming for a change when it comes to classifying subareas and labelling wines. Each day, there are more and more voices, [...]

Tim Atkin and his vision on La Rioja in 2018

21/02/2018 Breaking news

Tim Atkin has just released a new report on the health of Rioja wines. In this report, “The Master of wine” critic praises the advances of the region in comparison to 2017. He has also explained [...]

Vins Nus and Vella Terra Wine Fairs

15/02/2018 Breaking news

We’re in luck! Two excellent fairs of traditionally-made wines have been held in Barcelona on the 11th and 12th of February, Vins Nus i Vella Terra. This was a great opportunity to see (and t [...]

James Suckling and his top 100 Spanish wines

30/01/2018 Breaking news

James Suckling has just published the annual report on the 100 best Spanish wines tasted by him during 2017. James Suckling was one of the architects in raising the famous magazine Wine [...]

The best red wines at Decántalo for less than 10 Euros

10/01/2018 Breaking news

We have used our Decántalo scores to chose the best wines. We give these scores after tasting and assessing the wines. The points awarded can be interpreted as follows: 85-88: Good wine, but w [...]

A new challenge: getting funding for equine assisted therapy sessions for people

22/12/2017 Breaking news

A few months ago we shared with you a new collaboration with Woorldcoo, a social company for the financing of social projects, through which we would be proposing social projects to finance with [...]

A Priorat Wine at the Nobel Prize Award Banquet

19/12/2017 Breaking news

Nobel Prize Award Banquet. 1350 guests. Blue Hall of the Stockholm City Hall. The king and queen of Sweden, Carl Gustaf and Silvia. And there, throughout the ceremony, a small wine from Priorat [...]

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