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Wines to give away this Christmas, ¡10 amazing gifts!

21/11/2019 Breaking news

Time is flying and December is almost upon us. Christmas lights and decorations are starting to appear everywhere; Christmas markets are springing up, the days are racing by, diaries are filling [...]

5 ways to give wine this Christmas

06/11/2019 Breaking news

We’re about to come to the most beautiful time of year, when the streets are lit up and you feel the warmth of home even more. Moments when we become children full of excitement once more, days w [...]


22/07/2019 Breaking news

Have you heard of Corpinnat ? Of a group of wineries that have decided to leave the D.O. Cava? Of course you have. And if you haven’t yet, you will soon. So, pay attention, let’s see what thisC [...]

Goodbye Mr Parker!

24/05/2019 Breaking news

Last week, what already appeared to be an obvious outcome was made public: Robert Parker announced his official withdrawal from the publication “The Wine Advocate“, a publication that he himself [...]

New Parker ratings for Bierzo wines

04/03/2019 Breaking news

We ended last week with new news that came to us from the Parker Guide: a new report by Luis Gutiérrez that listed the new Bierzo wines rated by Parker. In his report, Luis Gutierrez talks about [...]

2018 Parker Ratings : Aragón, Gredos and Navarra

08/01/2019 Breaking news

At the end of 2018 Robert Parker published his final report on Aragón, Gredos and Navarra. Three areas where the Grenache variety is indigenous and is revealing the best of itself. This is [...]

Wine rating: Who’s who?

26/10/2018 Breaking news

At Decántalo we’ve introduced several new scores in order to reflect the different criteria of the main consumer motivators worldwide. We present the people behind these ratings and their di [...]

The new wave of Spanish producers

17/10/2018 Breaking news

We are lucky to have a crop of producers eager to recover areas, varieties and a viticulture that respects the environment. Well-travelled people and eager to rescue the authenticity of the [...]

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