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Movies and wine, wine and movies

13/05/2020 Breaking news

The close relationship between wine and cinema is not a new thing. Many actors and directors are passionate wine lovers, some even own vineyards and wineries where they make their own wines. [...]

A new era for Spanish wine

07/05/2020 Breaking news

There is a new generation of young Spanish winemakers emerging, all of them looking to do one thing: make wines that showcase the uniqueness of their vineyards and, most importantly, the [...]

The art of painting with wine

04/05/2020 Breaking news

A creative suggestion for making the most of lockdown They say that wine is the only art that you can drink, however it is possible to create art with wine, making something that will last [...]

The potential of Gredos Garnachas according to Parker

27/04/2020 Breaking news

For the fifth time, Robert Parker’s team, led by Luis Gutiérrez, have turned their focus on the Gredos region and the potential of its wines.  Luis Gutiérrez, taster for the prestigious Wine Advo [...]

Wines for Mother’s Day.

24/04/2020 Breaking news

If you want to surprise your mum with a good wine, our sommelier has chosen the following recommendations to get your Mother’s Day gift right. Let’s see what they are! Wine recommedations Clos Ci [...]

Large bottles: when size really does matter

18/04/2020 Breaking news

Wines and sparkling wines in huge bottles for family celebrations that make us feel like Lewis Hamilton opening a bottle of champagne on the Formula One podium. As well as standard size bottles, [...]

Documentaries for wine lovers – Part 2.

17/04/2020 Breaking news

Programme recommendations for wine lovers. This is our second post of suggestions to keep yourself occupied with wine-related content. If you missed the first part, you can read it here. 6- The [...]

Documentaries for wine lovers – Part 1.

10/04/2020 Breaking news

Thanks to platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and HBO, isolation isn’t as bad as it could be. Take advantage of this extra time at home to learn about the winemaking world from your sofa. [...]

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