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International Merlot Day, a celebration of the name

07/11/2020 Breaking news

Every November 7, International Merlot Day is celebrated all over the world. A very special day which aims to honor one of the best-known noble varieties on the planet. And if there’s one reason [...]

World Vegan Day, let’s celebrate with vegan wine!

01/11/2020 Breaking news

November 1st is World Vegan Day, started by an initiative of Louise Wallis, a fervent advocate for animals and a vegan, who was president of the Vegan Society of the United Kingdom in 1994. A [...]

International Cariñena Day, the most widely planted variety in the world

31/10/2020 Breaking news

We love the idea of having one day to celebrate every grape variety. It gives us the perfect reason to write about a variety and spread the word about it. This time, it is the turn of the most [...]

Halloween: a night to enjoy sweet wines

26/10/2020 Breaking news

Halloween is a modern celebration known all around the world. It is celebrated everywhere on the night of October 31 and, although it is mainly a feature of English-speaking countries, it has [...]

International Champagne Day, a sparkling celebration

23/10/2020 Breaking news

International Champagne Day is celebrated every year on the penultimate Friday in October. This is a celebration to honour the best known sparkling wine in the world. However, not all sparkling [...]

Charity wines, wines with a heart

19/08/2020 Breaking news

Written 19 August, 2020 by Silvia Arellano The year 2020 has, without doubt, completely changed our lives. The whole world is facing this extremely unusual experience, which has brought with it [...]

Low alcohol, high quality wines

24/07/2020 Breaking news

Although every winemaker has their way of doing things, even the wine industry goes through fashions and trends. A few years ago, wine guru Robert Parker highlighted very structured wines with [...]

5 magical places to stay for wine tourists

25/06/2020 Breaking news

Summer has finally arrived and with it the desire to disconnect, recharge, enjoy the sun and good weather. A moment we’ve all been waiting for and a good excuse for wine lovers who wants to take [...]

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