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Articles about wine

How do you make rum?

08/03/2023 Spirits

From the Caribbean to the Reunion Islands, from Cuba to the Philippines, from the French West Indies to Spain, made all over the world, rum has become a universal drink. It’s a classic but s [...]

Getting to know Glòria Vallès, wine influencer and Digital Marketing specialist

27/02/2023 Interviews

With a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, her love affair with wine is a story of deep passion. Creator of, an online magazine for curious minds interested in [...]

Which are the most widely planted grape varieties in the world?

22/02/2023 Winemaking

With more than 10,000 registered grape varieties around the world, including table grapes and raisins, there is what can only be described as a giant tapestry of varieties. However, according to [...]

What causes sediment in wine?

15/02/2023 The tasting , Winemaking

You’re likely to have occasionally come across some sediment at the bottom of the bottle or in your glass. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean it’s a defective or poor quality wine. These are just win [...]

What does colour tell us about a wine?

08/02/2023 The tasting , Winemaking

When we talk about colour in a wine, we can end up limiting our thoughts to the three main styles we usually choose from: white wine, rosé wine and red wine. And that’s not wrong, however, the co [...]

Getting to know Paula Fandiño, winemaker at Mar de Frades

02/02/2023 Interviews

Recognised as one of the ten most influential winemakers in Spain, her passion for wine is something that cannot be taught. Her more than 10 years at Mar de Frades have undoubtedly guided the [...]

What do we mean when we talk about acidity in wine?

31/01/2023 The tasting , Winemaking

Although a strong acidic taste can be unpleasant, it is an essential component of wine. Without it, wine would have no life about it. We can sense it through our taste buds at the back of the [...]

Vodka, the history of the most versatile spirit in the world

26/01/2023 Spirits

For countless numbers of people, vodka was their introduction into the exciting world of spirits. Democratic and versatile, few have resisted the charms of a simple combination of vodka and [...]

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