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Smooth red wine

17/08/2022 Winemaking

More than once, in a store or a restaurant, you’ll have heard someone ask for a smooth red wine. Or, perhaps you yourself have used the expression, especially when you were starting out in wine c [...]

Getting to know Sergio Martínez, the world’s best fortified winemaker

10/08/2022 Interviews

The last year of his Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry led him to an internship at Lustau. He quickly knew he wanted to stay there. Under the guidance of Manuel Lozano, one of the great figures of [...]

Recipes with white wine

03/08/2022 Pairings

When it comes to cooking, white wine is used quite a lot. However, are all white wines the same when it comes to cooking? And if not, which are the best for each dish? The truth is that there [...]

Wines for beginners

27/07/2022 Breaking news

They say it is impossible to turn down something nice and, with this premise in mind, we can assure you that, to get started in the world of wine, it is important to start with the ones with [...]

The best affordable white wines

20/07/2022 Winemaking

A white wine is always a must and even more so in this hot weather. And if there’s something good about the summer is that white wines are pleasantly refreshing at any time of the day or night.  [...]

Getting to know José María Vicente, the winemaker who won Parker over

13/07/2022 Interviews

“The family is where it started. The land is the guide. Wine is my destiny.” A declaration of intent from José María Vicente, a self-taught winemaker who has become the producer of the first Span [...]

Wines for cooking, the elite ingredients

06/07/2022 Breaking news , Pairings

It is well known that wine has an important part to play at the dinner table, but what many don’t realise is that this famous liquid is also an elite cooking ingredient. Many great pairings s [...]

Books and wines, the best companions for this summer

We can be sure that summer has fully arrived and many people are thinking about going on holiday. This is a time when we can take a break and reconnect with our favourite hobbies. For all those [...]

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