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Tequila and mezcal, an elegant heart and a rogue spirit

12/10/2022 Spirits

For years tequila has been considered a rough drink with a strong intoxicating power, the worst price to pay as a consequence of having too much. And if tequila has been underrated, then that [...]

Yamazaki, Japan's most ancient whiskey distillery

05/10/2022 Spirits

Shinjiro Torii is considered the father of Japanese whisky. In 1923, he founded the Yamazaki distillery, which is considered the oldest in Japan. Torii, a true lover of Scotch whisky, had the [...]

Autumn wines

28/09/2022 New on catalog

Just like there are perfect dishes for every season of the year, wines also have their moment. So now, as the temperatures drop and the wind picks up, mornings are cool and evenings are damp, [...]

Aperitif-o-clock: the moment the world comes to a standstill

One of the best times of day is aperitif-o-clock. A moment to relax that we usually enjoy at weekends when we have more free time, and that starts before a meal. However, this ritual started a [...]

Best Ribera del Duero wines for less than 10 euros

14/09/2022 Production area

The Ribera del Duero Denomination of Origin is celebrating! 2022 marks forty years since the denomination’s first regulations were put in place and since then it has been nothing but success, w [...]

Discovering Benjamín Romeo, founder and winemaker at Bodega Contador

07/09/2022 Interviews

Not just anyone can boast 100 Parker points (the highest score from the American Robert Parker). Much less in two consecutive vintages. However, Benjamin Romeo doesn’t brag about it. Although h [...]

Overnight harvests: nights of harvesting and excitement

31/08/2022 Winemaking

Harvesting grapes at night is nothing new. An increasing number of wineries are adopting this practice to promote grape and wine quality. Taking into account the temperature difference between [...]

Recipes with red wine

24/08/2022 Breaking news , Winemaking

We all know that wine is the best companion for food, but we also need to remember that it makes an excellent ingredient too. We can use wine to macerate, caramelise and bring together dishes in [...]

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