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Jura wines

Vin Jaune, Château Chalon, Vin de Paille, Macvin and Eau-de-Vie de Marc du Jura

 Jura wines are created in the Revermont area, between Bresse and the Jura Massif, and although it is one of the smallest areas in terms of production volume, they have a high prestige given their quality. The great variety and irregularity of the terrain creates different exposures for the vines that distinguish their final results. In addition to red, rosé and white wines, special wines are made in Jura: Vin Jaune or "yellow wine", Vin de Paille "straw wine", "Macvin del Jura" (a mixture of must and eau de vie) and Eau-de-Vie de Marc du Jura. 

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