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Pinot Noir wines

Made with the Pinot Noir grape variety

 It originated in Burgundy, is one of the stocks that make up the mixture of the majority of French champagne. It is also considered one of the choicest varieties worldwide for the production of varietal wines. This variety is not easily adapted to any region, requires a cold climate for success. Its berries are small, purplish-black, waxed by abundant bloom. The skin is thick and soft pulp. This vid is made with very fine wine. Structure is characterized by its low tannins, medium body and subtle refined awakening sensations in the mouth. Pinot Noir wine produces extremely smooth, fresh and fruity, a very good bouquet, with an acidity that makes it quite lively and persistent on the palate, without being aggressive. The nose can achieve excellence aroma (cherry, cassis, strawberry, raspberry, violet, Russian leather, licorice evolve a delicate aroma with aging) and support good parenting. To find odors raising red and black fruits and cinnamon, coconut, grass among the highlights. It also highlights floral notes such as roses. 

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