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Wine made with the grape variety Marmajuelo

 It produces a very noble acidity. Compact cluster of medium size, cylindrical-winged, medium compactness, medium and  of mature leaf-small sized, cuneiform, elliptical result of short and yellow-green. With high acidity in the ripening. Its cultivation is located in the Canary Islands. It was pretty deserted, but gains more attention lately among white wine lovers. Also called Roach, or Vermejuelo. 

  • Artífice Vidueños Blanco 2016

    White wine Barrel Organic. 8 months on lees in the barrel. Winery: Artífice. D.O. Ycoden-Daute-Isora. (Canary Islands) Coupage: Gual, Listán Blanca, Albillo and Marmajuelo.

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  • Envínate Táganan Blanco 2017

    White wine Aged on its lees. 8 months in oak barrels. Winery: Envínate. Canary Islands Coupage: Malvasía, Albillo, Gual and Marmajuelo.

    • Parker 94
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