Tequila Herradura Gold Reposado

Tequila Herradura Gold Reposado
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Tequila Herradura Gold Reposado
Tequila and Mescal. 11 months in bottle.

Available sizes of Tequila Herradura Gold Reposado

  • Tequila Herradura Gold Reposado
    39,35 IVA inc.

  • Tequila Herradura Gold Reposado
    39,35 IVA inc.

Characteristics of Tequila Herradura Gold Reposado

This tequila is the result of hard work and craftsmanship carried out year upon year, and a certain portion of luck—you might even call it magic.

The Herradura tequila that is bottled today is the result of over 135 years of experience, following the same steps of the tequila making process that they followed when they started out. Of course, Tequila Herradura is produced from start to finish in modern facilities, but the legacy of the excellent craftsmanship is maintained.
Herradura's own Gabriela Romo de la Peña introduced the world to reposado tequila in 1974. Herradura's reposado is "Rested" or aged for 11 months (9 more than category standards) which gives this tequila its deep copper color and exceptionally smooth taste.

Alcohol: 40.0%

Tasting notes Tequila Herradura Gold Reposado

Sight Copper Nose Cooked agave with notes of wood, vanilla and cinnamon. Taste Very smooth with sweet cooked agave notes along with slight flavour of vanilla and cinnamon. Smooth, sweet finish with a hint of spice


Production area Mexico

Distillery Herradura

Other spirits from production area Mexico