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Sparkling wine Andalusia made with the grape variety Moscatel de Alejandría

 It is considered an "old vine", and experts believe that wine is one of the oldest remaining non-genetically modified and which still persist. The grape originated in northern Africa. While today it is cultivated mainly as table grapes and raisin production is still an important grape in the wine industry. Strain is typically Mediterranean, which needs the sun and the influence of the sea. The vine thrives in a warm climate and is particularly sensitive to cold during flowering season. Has clusters of large and very compact. Its berries are thick, fleshy, pale yellow and musky flavor. It has great power and high aromatic content in sugar. The wine made from Muscat of Alexandria, tends to be sweet with a flavor tierra.En Málaga, the grape is often blended with Pedro Ximenez to create a strong wine that varies in color from gold to dark black. 

  • Botani Espumoso

    Other sparkling wines Young. Winery: Jorge Ordoñez. D.O. Málaga-Sierras de Málaga. (Andalusia) Variety: Moscatel de Alejandría

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  • Type of grape: Moscatel de Alejandría
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