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Designation of Origin

Discover all the official designations of origin that exist to certify Spanish wine: Designation of Origin, Single Estate Wines, Quality Wines and Regional Wines. Their history, climate, grape varieties and what the finished product is like.

Vinos de Pago

A Vino de Pago (single-estate wine) is the maximum distinction that can be given to a wine in Spain. Pagos are small production areas, sometimes even a plot, whose microclimate or soil has specific characteristic which are considerably different from the surrounding lands’. Only wines from the same winery can be obtained from each Pago.

Vinos de Calidad

Vinos de Calidad (Quality wines) are wines produced or elaborated from grapes from a specific region or place. In addition, their production, elaboration and ageing take place in the same area, although the rules they need to comply with are not as exigents as in the case of a DO.