Ron Saint James 12 Years

Ron Saint James 12 Years
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Ron Saint James 12 Years

Characteristics of Ron Saint James 12 Years

In 1763, despite French protectionism, King Louis XV gave Martinique the right to export its rum. In those days, the only place capable of buying it was New England, or what has now become the United States. Saint James' rums became the most popular rums in American before the American Revolution. These rums ferment with pure sugar cane juice through a continuous fractional distillation process and are then aged in Limousin and Bourbon oak for several years. The quality of these rums is such that the French government decided to create the designation "Rhum Agricole" only for distillates produced in the way that Saint James distillery creates their rums.

Saint James today is a distillery that "smokes", meaning that it is still in activity. The Saint James plantations stretch over some 300 hectares in and around the distillery, of which 275 hectares are owned by the company itself, and produce over three million litres a year. The sugar cane is planted on the eastern slopes of Mount Pelée. It is of exceptionally high quality and benefits from ideal geographical and geological conditions: fertile volcanic soils, high sunshine levels and a humid tropical climate swept by the sea spray from the Atlantic Ocean.

Truly exceptional and rare, this rum is crafted with the greatest care and attention by our cellar master and boasts a whole host of aromatic riches.

With its beautiful coppery brown tints which are the result of very long ageing in casks, it exhales woody notes combined with more subtle scents and reveals powerful flavours of prune, dried fruit and spices (nutmeg) along with a delicate roasted-coffee hint.

Tasting notes Ron Saint James 12 Years

Sight Beautiful copper brown tints. Nose Notes of wood intertwined with more subtle aromas. Taste Flavours of dried plums and spices such as nutmeg along with a delicate touch of roasted coffee beans.


Distillery Saint James

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