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Gin Xoriguer

Gin Xoriguer
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Gin Xoriguer

Available sizes of Gin Xoriguer

  • Gin Xoriguer

  • Gin Xoriguer

Characteristics of Gin Xoriguer

This gin, a drink of Nordic origin, began being produced in Menorca (the Balaeric Islands) in the 18th century, when the taverns were full of English sailors and soldiers who demanded the drink that was fashionable in their homeland: gin. Some local craftsmen began importing juniper berries to satisfy the anxious customers. Just like that, gin was successfully established in Menorca, becoming a popular drink. Since 1784, the Pons family have been making Gin Xoriguer, with a traditional mentality. The name of the gin was chosen in honour of the old windmill used for successive generations of the Pons family, which now appears on the labels of their bottles. This gin is made by distilling high quality alcohol with juniper berries in copper stills combusted with fuel. The aromatic herbs that give the gin its personal and unique touch are the Pons family's best kept secret.
Alcohol: 38.0%

Tasting notes Gin Xoriguer

Sight Transparent and bright, light bodied. Nose A smooth aroma of herbs, juniper and fruity notes. Taste A long flavour of juniper, wood and herbs, mainly rosemary and thyme.

Production area Spain

Distillery Xoriguer

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