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FAQ's, Shipping

At Decántalo we are fully aware of the importance of a good delivery service. If you would like to know how we send our wine, and what happens in the case of an accident, find out here. If you still have any doubts, please get in touch with us. We would love to help you.

Transporte de vino
  • 1How much does shipping cost?

    Here you can find the list of countries where we currently deliver to.
    Click on the desired country for pricings:

    United Kingdom Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Denmark
    Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Italy
    Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Poland Portugal
    Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland USA

    Shipping has been optimised for boxes of 6,12, and 18 bottles. If you want to save money on transport, please keep this in mind when placing your order.

    We have special discounts on transport costs for orders over a certain quantity depending on your country. Please check the pricing page for more information.

    Offers of free transport or discounts of 50% are not applicable for sales of en primeur wines.

  • 2The wine is very fragile. How do you ship it?
    At Decántalo we love wine and we know full well the importance and how fragile shipping wine can be.

    This is why we use special reinforced cardboard boxes, with separate inside compartments that create air chambers to avoid contact , which previously would have resulted in broken bottles.

  • 3Who manages the deliveries?
    We work with various shipping companies, but mainly UPS and DHL.
    Depending on your country, the website will give you a list of available delivery options for you to chose from that suits you best in relation to price and delivery time.

    All our logistics partners are fully trustworthy and have passed quality to controls to guarantee the minimal amount of incidents possible.

    If you need to ship urgently or to place an order over 120 bottles, please get in touch with our customer service department at info@decantalo.comand we will try to provide you with a custom-made offer.
  • 4How long does it take to receive my order?
    Depending on where you live and which company you use, delivery times may vary.

    All orders that are made before 1pm, where we have the available stock will be prepared and dispatched the same day. All orders made after 1pm are not guaranteed to be dispatched even though we may have the item in stock.

    Click on your country to find out the estimated delivery time:

    United Kingdom Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Denmark
    Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Italy
    Latvia Lithuania Luxembour Malta Netherlands Poland Portugal
    Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland USA

  • 5 Can I track my order online?
    Yes, when the transport company collects your order from our store, you will receive an email with a link. This link will allow you to track your order.
  • 6 I am away from home a lot, what can I do?
    In this case, if you are not at home with the hours that are compatible with our delivery partners, we would recommend that you send your order to your workplace or an address where someone is usually available.

    Nevertheless, the delivery companies will attempt various deliveries and in the case that they can’t make the drop off, you will always have the option to go the closest logistic center to pick up your order.
  • 7 Can I send the wine to a hotel or to a holiday apartment?
    Yes, of course, when you are at the hotel please advise them that we will make a delivery. In the case that you want to send wine to a hotel, please indicate the dates when you will be staying at the hotel and along with the necessary hotel information, including room number, if you have it obviously.
  • 8 I want to receive the wine in their original wooden cases, is this possible?
    It is possible, yes, but please contact our customer service department at info@decantalo.com to find out the cost of shipping.
  • 9 What should I do if I have received a broken bottle?
    The packaging is designed to avoid breakages and are partners are fully aware of the fragility of our products, but sometimes the bottles do break.

    Please, carefully examine the box when you receive the order.

    Our transport companies do not allow returns if our customers open the box in their presence, but please do check if you can see any signs of damp patches on the outside of the box. If so, please do not accept the delivery. Our partners will identify us and we will automatically send you a new delivery at no extra cost to you.
  • 10 What should I do if the order is incomplete or not what I bought?
    We try to make sure that this doesn’t happen, but if we make an error preparing your order, simply send us an email to info@decantalo.comPlease mention your details and we will send you the missing item at no extra cost or we will refund you the money for the item.
  • 11Wine imports to Switzerland

    If you are a resident in Switzerland and you wish to buy wine from Decantalo.com, we now export wine out of the EU, and import wine to Switzerland.
    Please bear in mind and take into consideration what you are going to pay: the wines at Decántalo and the Swiss customs.

    You won’t have to pay the 21% VAT of Spain at Decántalo, given that you will pay the 8% of taxes on entry into Switzerland. Please create your own user account and write to us at info@decantalo.comwe will then update you to a VAT free account.

    To import wine to Switzerland, you will have to pay a customs administration/handling fee. .
    Purchases of up to 18 bottles:
    At Decántalo we have a special deal for importing up to 18 bottles of wine, for which you won’t have to pay these handling fees, only the costs to import alcohol into Switzerland. You should save around 25 CHF if you import 18 bottles.
    Purchases of up to 60 bottles:
    If you buy up to 60 bottles, you will pay 20 CHF for the administration/handling fees to our transport companies.
    For purchases over 60 bottles:
    You will have to pay the transport company a fee of 5% to 10% of the total price for the administration/handling fees by Swiss customs.

    When you receive your order, you will also have to pay the following costs to Swiss customs:
    You will pay 2,45 CHF for every litre of alcohol that is imported.
    8% of VAT on the overall total of the order.
    Depending on the number of bottles, you will have to pay a handling fee (see previous point)

    Let's take a look at a practical example: 

    The total price for delivery for 18 bottles at 26,90€/bottle
    Price without VAT for the 18 bottles: 400,16€ (487.32 CHF)
    Delivery costs to Switzerland: 37,76€ (45.98 CHF)
    Tax per litre of imported alcohol (13.5 litres) 33.07 CHF
    8% Swiss VAT: 45.31 CHF
    Total: 611, 68 CHF
    End price per bottle: 33.98 CHF
  • 12Can I pick up my deliver to save on transport costs?
    Yes, you can pick up your order from our store in Barcelona, C/Piquer nº 6. .
    Pick up hours: Monday-Thursday: 9am to 6:30pm and Fridays: 9am to 3pm