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Wines gifts for winelovers

Giving wine as a gift is in, so go for it!

Wines gifts for winelovers

Now you can make sure you’re getting the right thing by giving our wines as gifts. At Decántalo, we know that giving wine as a gift is fashionable and that is why we want to make it easy for you by showing you what our experts recommend. We have the perfect wines to give as gifts for all occasions, people and styles. So go on, place your order now and we'll do the rest!

Wine gifts

Wine gift set, wine gift box

Wine boxes and sets are the perfect gift for any occasion, whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, dinner parties or any other celebration. The elegant presentation gives the wine a special look and makes the moment unique. Any wine lover would be delighted to receive a new case or gift set, some people even collect them.

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Large wine bottles to gift

Large-format wine bottles are perfect presents thanks to their look and high quality, but also because their size means they can be enjoyed by more people. Discover the 1-litre, magnum (1.5-litre), jeroboam (3-litre), 5-litre and methuselah (6-litre) wines in our catalogue.

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Wine selections to gift

Wine selections are the perfect way to give a complete wine gift that real wine lovers will be fascinated by. Our sommeliers have created these selections to put together concepts and styles, and make these gifts a journey of discovery. This is without doubt the best wine gift to give.

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Give a gift of champagne and cava

Cava and champagne gift boxes

This is the perfect gift for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, dinner party or special occasion. We have the perfect cava and champagne boxes and sets to give away. Discover the sparkling packs and sets and surprise a loved one with a sparkling gift.

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Sparkling wine bottles in large sizes

Bottles of champagne, cava and other sparkling wines in large sizes are perfect as a gift both for their look and because they can be shared with the whole group. Find the best bottles of champagne, cava and other sparkling wines in magnum and 3-litre size to surprise a loved one with an unusual gift.

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Other gifts for wine lovers

Accessories for wine lovers

There are certain accessories that every wine lover should have. Turn these accessories into the perfect gift for wine lovers. Glasses, decanters, stoppers and many other accessories that will help you enjoy the experience of opening a good bottle of wine.

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ofertas de vinos

Our Gift Card is perfect for those looking to give the gift of choice. Choose the amount you want to give, include the recipient’s name and email and they will receive a code to buy products from Decántalo. A simple way to gift wine that is also very practical for the recipient.

Visit the Gift Card page and follow the simple instructions.

Wine as a business gift

Wine as a business gift

If you are looking for a lovely gesture for your colleagues or customers, wine might be the perfect option. With the help of our sommeliers, we will select the best options to make wine your business gift of choice this year. Tell us the number of employees or customers, an approximate budget per item and your preferences, we will set out your best options and you can choose the one that best suits the tastes of your recipients. We take care of everything, including shipping to each of the homes or addresses provided for each colleague or customer. Your colleagues deserve it and your customers will be delighted.

Contact us using the form for a no obligation look at our best offers.

Decántalo gift boxes

Decántalo gift boxes

You can also buy any wine and give it away in a Decántalo Special Gift Box along with a personalised note. Perfect for those looking for a thoughtful gift for someone special. Select the Decántalo Special Gift Box, write your personalised note and leave the rest to us!

This option can be selected during the order process.