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Shipping wine to Hungary

We will solve all your problems to give you the best possible shopping experience.

50% off shipping
50% off shipping for orders over 539$ to Hungary.
Broken bottles
Thanks to the packaging that we use to ship our orders, it is not a common occurrence that the bottles break. But, if this happens, please don’t worry!
We will resend you your order.
Order delivery time
Generally speaking, the courier services don’t provide an hourly slot for delivery. However, once your order has been completed, we will send you a tracking number for you to follow and find out what day that they will make the delivery.
And if I am not at home?
If you are not at home when they try to make the delivery, the courier service will leave you a note to try and facilitate a second delivery or arrange a pickup at their facilities.

Shipping with UPS 50% discount on orders over 539 $
Estimated delivery time: between 7-9 working days

Number of bottles Shipping cost Price on orders over 539 $
1-3 Bottles 21,47 $ 10,74 $ (Save 10,73 $)
4-6 Bottles 23,63 $ 11,82 $ (Save 11,81 $)
7-12 Bottles 35,07 $ 17,53 $ (Save 17,54 $)
13-18 Bottles 38,31 $ 19,15 $ (Save 19,16 $)
19-24 Bottles 75,42 $ 37,71 $ (Save 37,71 $)
25-30 Bottles 81,47 $ 40,73 $ (Save 40,74 $)
31-36 Bottles 85,78 $ 42,89 $ (Save 42,89 $)
37-42 Bottles 89,02 $ 44,51 $ (Save 44,51 $)
43-48 Bottles 92,26 $ 46,13 $ (Save 46,13 $)
49-54 Bottles 97,11 $ 48,56 $ (Save 48,55 $)
55-60 Bottles 106,28 $ 53,14 $ (Save 53,14 $)

Tracking an order
Once you place an order, we will send you a tracking number so that you can track the order and know the day it will be delivered.
If you are not at home when they try and deliver, the courier will leave a note about making a second delivery or arranging a collection at their facility. At Decántalo we can make a note for the courier, but generally, couriers do not tend to call before making a delivery.

Thanks to the packaging that we send our orders in, it is not very common for the bottles to break.
However, if a break does occur, do not worry!
We will resend your order.

Please take into account that this table is not valid for Magnums and special gifts. These orders are heavier than 75cl bottles and require special packaging.
You can find out the shipping cost of your order in the shopping basket, by selecting the destination where you would like to send it.

Large volume orders
For orders over 90 bottles, it is possible to send them with a palletised service.

Shipment in original wooden boxes.
We ship the wine in special boxes in order to protect them from any possible breakages.
If you still want us to send wine in the original wooden boxes then please send us an email at [email protected]