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Black Friday 2018

Buying wine on Black Friday

On November 23rd 2018, we will celebrate a new Black Friday. A date circled in red on many of our calendars due to the amount of discounts that we can find in every sector. And wine is no exception :)

Also, given the closeness of the Christmas holidays, it’s a great opportunity to buy wine at a good price. You can’t let the chance slip away! You’ll have to wait until Black Friday itself to learn about our special wine offers, but as of this moment we can tell you that we’re sure you’ll love them ;)

So, keep your eyes open and take advantage of Black Friday in order to buy wine.

When is Black Friday 2018?

This year we need to keep our eyes and ears open, since it won’t be celebrated as the usual on the last Friday in November. Take note: Black Friday 2018 will be held next Friday, November 23rd. At Decántalo we’ll start our special offers at midnight on Thursday 22nd, entering fully into Black Friday on the 23rd, and we’ll extend them until midnight on Monday 26th, the day known as ‘Cyber Monday’. Four days of authentic madness in which you can buy all the wine on offer that you want.

What is the origin of Black Friday?

Black Friday has its origin in the United States. It takes place on the day after Thanksgiving, the fourth Thursday in November, and traditionally represents the day when Christmas shopping begins.
The name comes from the boost that it meant for small retailers, due to the Christmas buying, which allowed them to get out of the red and into the black debt-wise .

When did Black Friday start being celebrated in Europe?

We’ve already said that Black Friday is a tradition imported from the United States, but the truth is that it has spread rapidly, not only in Europe but throughout the world. In Europe Black Friday has been celebrated since 2012, the year in which it began to become popular. Since then more and more people are looking for discounts and special offers to buy their Christmas presents. And so it looks like Black Friday is here to stay.