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Enrique Mendoza Shiraz

Enrique Mendoza Shiraz
4.79/5.00 from 978 reviews from our customers
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Enrique Mendoza Shiraz
Red wine Crianza.

Characteristics of Enrique Mendoza Shiraz

Enrique Mendoza Shiraz is a red wine from the D.O Alicante produced by the Enrique Mendoza winery. This wine is made using only Syrah grapes.

The grapes used to make Enrique Mendoza Shiraz come from vineyards on the Finca El Chaconero. During cultivation of the vineyards, the use of herbicides and insecticides is avoided, and the treatement of the soil is controlled by a team from the winery.

Once the harvest has been carried out and the grapes have been transported to the winery, they undergo a phase of fermentation in small stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature 27ºC. During this process, which lasts 15 days, short and soft pump-overs are carried out. Before ageing, the wine then undergoes malolactic fermentation in French oak barrels.

Enrique Mendoza Shiraz then spends at least 13 months in the same French oak barrels. After being bottled, it then rests again the bottle to give it the neccesary bulkiness. It is then placed onto the market. The wine is not filtered or clarified. It is recommended decanting half an hour before drinking. To be consumed within the next 3 years.

This wine is evidence of the great work done by Enrique Mendoza to recover and adapt grape varieties to the land in Alicante. The Enrique Mendoza winery takes its name from the same man who leads it. Founded towards the end of the 1970´s, the company works on two centres: one where all manufacturing processes are carried out and the other where they sell their products nationally and internationall. All based on mentality: "The best wine is the best vineyard"

Alcohol: 14.5%
Serve at 16ºC
We recommend decanting before consumption
Chocolate, Game birds, White roasted meat, Game stew, Iberian ham, Game animals, Duck

Tasting notes Enrique Mendoza Shiraz

Sight Pretty picota cherry colour with violet rim. High robe. Clean and very bright. Abundant, slightly tinted tears show on the glass. Nose Highly intense, this red wine is full of fragrant aromas. Smooth toasted notes give way to lots of very expressive ripe black fruit, mixed with creamy spicecs, with hints of sweet bakery goods and some very aromatic floral notes. An elegant mineral background. Taste Broad and intense attack. Long, very tasty, smooth and velvety on the palate. The fruit is very expressive and fleshy, full of creaminess. Good acidity, defined and integrated sweet tannins. Very long and persistent finish with toasted nuances.
Sight Intense cherry colour with purple edges. Bright wine with a high layer and abundant glyceric tears. Nose Its intense aromas seduce us from the very beginning. Some soft toasted aromas give way to abundant notes of very expressive ripe black fruit mixed with creamy spices, sweet hints of bakery and very aromatic flower notes (violet) on an elegant and intense mineral background. Taste Intense and wide attack and a long, very tasty and soft mid palate with a silky texture. The very expressive notes of fruit become very fleshy and full of creaminess. A good acidity and integrated, slightly sweet tannins are also noticed. Very long and persistent finish with toasted aromas.
Sight Intense cherry red colour with violet edges. High robe. Bright wine with abundant glyceric tears. Nose

Very intense and expressive aromas with abundant and concentrated black fruit perfectly balanced with the aromas provided during its ageing: spices, toasted aromas, confectionery and even, hints of great candies. Elegant floral aromas are also noticed along with a strong mineral background.

Perfectly harmonious nous, which forms a very suggestive aromatic set. A real pleasure!

Taste From the first plung, this wine fills the mouth with intense sweet feelings. It is bulky and has a long and tasty mid palate, slightly warm, fleshy, very silky and with excellent creamy notes that surround the notes of juicy fruit and toasted. It has a perfect acidity and sweet, integrated tannins. Very long and very persistent finish.
Sight Bright ruby red with purple trim. Very slow and dense legs.

Aromatic intensity. Plenty of ripe red fruit scents. Black fruit with spicy (vanilla) notes and some floral and sweet touches.

Taste Intense, mature, dense and fleshy, with abundant granular, sweet tannins, this wine keeps a perfect balance between acidity, alcohol strength, fruit and wood. A full-bodied wine, with a powerful, velvety and delicious mid palate. Very long and smooth aftertaste.


  • Peñin 91
  • Decántalo 93
  • Parker 88
  • Decántalo 91
  • Peñin 92
  • Decántalo 91
  • Proensa 93
  • Decántalo 90
  • Peñin 91

Ratings for the vintages from the D.O. D.O. Alicante

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1980 Very good
Super safe packaging
We send your order with special packaging to minimalise possible damages.
Is your order a gift?
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D.O. D.O. Alicante

Winery Enrique Mendoza

There is no doubt that the Monastrell grape variety has become a fashionable grape variety. This region is home to over half a dozen cooperatives, which have been at the forefront of a wine revolution, making wines that are respectful to the local culture the area, cultivating vines with care, selecting only the best fruit and producing wines that faithfully express character of the terroir. These wines are easy to identify, due to the fact the estate or vineyard from which they came from is usually printed on their label. Also, their authenticity and quality can be guaranteed by the DO Alicante, which not only certifies the farms, but also everything posted on the wines labeling.

Other wines from D.O. D.O. Alicante

This winery is quite aware of the fact that field work is what is truly important, because for the Mendoza family the best wines are always born from the best vines. Even the name of the company is proclaimed as "Enrique Mendoza Viticultor" ("viticultor" meaning winegrower in Spanish). Despite Enrique Mendoza making the vast majority of its wines from foreign varieties, the winery has been erected as one of the main flagships of D.O. Alicante. Currently, it is one of the exemplary wineries of the Mediterranean, whose high-end wines are widely recognised both nationally and internationally.
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