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El Coto Blanco

El Coto Blanco
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El Coto Blanco
White wine Young.
Variety: Viura
Designation of Origin: D.O.Ca. Rioja
Production area: La Rioja
Volume: 75 cl.
Alcohol: 12.0%
White wine Young.
Variety: Viura
D.O.Ca. Rioja (La Rioja)
Volume: 75 cl.
Alcohol: 12.0%
Less aromatic
Very aromatic

Characteristics of El Coto Blanco

El Coto Blanco is a white wine from Rioja produced by the El Coto de Rioja winery. Founded in 1970, the winery is located in the town of Oyón (Álava).

The El Coto de Rioja winery have more than 700ha of vineyards, one of the largest cellars of La Rioja in this sense.

El Coto Blanco is a varietal Viura. The grapes come from vineyards grown in the Rioja Alavesa and Rioja Alta, two of the three sub-areas that divides the DO Rioja.

For processing the grapes, once they have reached the winery, they are protected from oxidation by a curtain of carbonic gas.

Subsequently, a press takes place in pneumatic presses and racking and cleaning of musts at low temperatures is performed. With these clean musts, fermentation takes place at a low temperature in the presence of selected yeasts.

Serve at 6.0ºC
Contains sulphites
Vegetables, Spicy dishes, Aperitif, White fish in sauce

Tasting notes El Coto Blanco

This vintage, rated as "Very Good", was characterized by the hard frost that occurred when the vegetative cycle was beginning in mid-April, and by the subsequent drought. Except for these two weather events, the year passed normally, with the vintage displaying a perfect health status in the last phase of the cycle. The wines of this vintage are characterized by having a somewhat higher average graduation than 2016, with a very good aging capacity and a high percentage of fine and very identifiable wines.
High summer temperatures define this vintage. After a mild winter with very little rainfall, spring began with a great deal of rain, which provided favourable conditions for the growth cycle of the vines. During the summer, they experienced very high temperatures and the absence of rain, which resulted in very healthy vines. As a general result, this was a balanced year, where the final absence of rains led to a good concentration of grapes. This year is noted for a vintage with volume that can be enjoyed as a young wine.
After a winter with normal temperatures and rainfall for D.O.Ca Rioja, high temperatures in spring and summer market his year, as well as the absence of rain at the most dangerous times for the vineyard. These factors led to very healthy vines, but the harvest was brought forward three weeks on average. As a result, this year was rated as a very good one in the area, with the only drawback of not reaching full ripeness. Therefore, the wines from this vintage are those typical from Rioja, with a slightly higher alcoholic strength and a good balance between acidity and ripening.
Sight Pale yellow with green hues. Clean and bright. Nose High intensity, aromas of white fruits with citrus notes. Hints of pineapple and herbaceous notes with a balsamic background. Taste Good entry, fresh and powerful. Round and balanced tannins. Fruity and silky step, with a long lingering finish.


  • Atkin 86
  • Atkin 87

Ratings for the vintages from D.O.Ca. Rioja

2017 Very good
2016 Very good
2015 Very good
2014 Good
2013 Good
2012 Very good
2011 Excellent
2010 Excellent
2009 Very good
2008 Very good
2007 Very good
2006 Very good
2005 Excellent
2004 Excellent
2003 Good
2002 Good
2001 Excellent
2000 Good
1999 Good
1998 Very good
1997 Good
1996 Very good
1995 Excellent
1994 Excellent
1993 Good
1992 Good
1991 Very good
1990 Good
1989 Good
1988 Good
1987 Very good
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Valoraciones de productos
Reviews from customers who bought this product
    23/04/20 El Coto Blanco 2019 great value and a pleasantly light wine
    03/04/20 El Coto Blanco 2019 great value wine, pleasant to drink
    16/02/20 El Coto Blanco 2018 a very nice wine i drink it all the time
    03/12/19 El Coto Blanco 2018 Good wine and brilliant value
    05/03/19 El Coto Blanco 2018 Another excellent wine as always
    19/02/19 El Coto Blanco 2017 I have bought El Coto for many years. It is a light dry white wine that suits my taste perfectly. I see no reason to try anything else.
    04/12/18 El Coto Blanco 2017 Thoroughly enjoy both wines
    Super safe packaging
    We send your order with special packaging to minimalise possible damages.
    Is your order a gift?
    We offer gift cards so that you can add a special message to your order
    Money-back guarantee
    If your order does not reach you in the right condition, please do not worry. We will refund the money.

    Designation of Origin D.O.Ca. Rioja

    Winery El Coto de Rioja

    Rioja is one of the most important areas of wine production in the world. It has a long history, and exceptional soils and climates. From the Tempranillo and Grenache varieties they make great red wines that are masterfully aged which demonstrates the experience passed from generation to generation.

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    Since its beginnings in 1970, the winery El Coto de Rioja has followed a policy of constant reinvestment that has not only meant doubling the size of its facilities, but also significantly increasing the extension of its own vineyard and the number of barrels for the ageing of its wines. In addition, the use of state-of-the-art technology has managed to harmonise the dimension, production volume and quality of the products with the aim of producing more and also achieving continuous improvements in their quality levels.

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