Uvas Nómadas: Recovering Ávila’s grenache thanks to crowdfunding

Some days ago, we discovered in the media the initiative Nomad Grapes, an innovative wine project which amazed us because of the original idea. That is why we want to share it with you in today’s post.

The project Uvas Nómadas (nomad grapes) aims at transforming 1,500 kg of grenache grapes from Ávila (a local variety with a great oenological and cultural richness which was undervalued until now) into their 2013 vintage. The way to achieve their target is a financing system based on micro-patronage or crowdfunding, according to which investors can make their contributions through the internet and participate actively in the decision-taking linked to the project.


All the contributions obtained through this system will be integrally devoted to cover the expenses generated by grapes’ purchase and transport, elaboration, bottling, labelling and later shipping of the bottles produced to the investors. In this way, “all contributions will be turned into wine bottles”.

This interesting project is the fruit of Elisa de Frutos and Rubén Salamanca‘s creativity and passion for wine. They are the managers of the winery Vinos Malaparte. This winery was founded in 2004 in Cuéllar (province of Segovia) and the points awarded to their wines by Peñín (90 and over 90 points) evidence their know-how. Malaparte’s wines are made out of local tempranillo grapes from their own 3.5 ha vineyard.

Rubén admits that “at Malaparte, we like wine and we like it a lot. Grenache is a grape variety we have tasted and enjoyed a lot during the last year and we think it can be very interesting to elaborate wine out of it. We cannot forget that it is a difficult variety, but it is a challenge”.

And now that we are talking about challenges, one of the most difficult stages in the project will be bringing the grapes from Ávila to the winery in Cuéllar. In this sense, Rubén explains that transportation will be made by chilling the grapes with carbonic snow. The grapes will quickly be desteemed and fermented in 300 litres wooden vats.

To the date, 11 days before the deadline to receive contributionsUvas Nómadas has already put together nearly half the funds necessary to make the project true.

The minimum contribution is 20 euro, and it is compensated with the delivery (shipping expenses included) of three bottles of the wine obtained by the project, a visit to the winery Malaparte and a wine tasting.

We have already made our contribution!

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