Roc Cuvé, the barrel of the future


Some days ago, the Oenologist Association of Castilla la Mancha wines presented a new concept of barrel that could entail a revolutionary change in wine ageing techniques and in its storage. We are talking about Roc Cuvé, the squared barrel.


Before explaining the benefits of this new invention, it would be interesting to think of the origins of our current barrels. Why are they round?

For a very simple reason: in the time when trucks and forklifts did not exist, moving heavy 250 l barrels was much easier if one could roll them. Nowadays (fortunately) wine producers do not face this kind of difficulties. Therefore, this invention could be at the base of a revolution in the wine sector.

Roc Cuvé can be a great idea for those wineries that have reduced storage facilities. According to its creators, it can multiply by 5 the storage capacity per m2, since it allows piling up even 10 barrels.

Apart from this, their creators state that it also increases the contact surface between wine and wood in approximately 20%.

We do not yet know if this new barrel will replace the traditional one, or if otherwise, producers will keep using the traditional ageing system in round barrels.

Let’s see what happens! We’ll keep informing you on this matter!

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