Decanting is the action of separating liquids from solids. Described in this way it seems to be a simple and mechanical operation, but if we’re talking about decanting in the world of wine, then we’re referring to something that is almost an art.


Decanting in wine basically involves transferring the wine inside the bottle into another container, in this case the decanter. From here onwards we can find different types of decantation according to its purpose, and there are many types of decanters created exclusively to aid this operation.

The aim of classic decanting is to separate the deposits that may have formed in those older wines that have been bottled for a long time, and for this a decanter with a narrow neck and wide base should be used, so that the wine slides delicately around the neck and when it gets to the base it rests quietly and begins to breathe, thereby revealing all its long-confined virtues. An ideal decanter for this type of decanting is the Riedel Ultra Decanter. With its academic lines, it is the decanter used by the great sommeliers.

Another type of decanting would be the one required by young, full-bodied wines and reduced natural wines, which are austere and not very expressive at the outset . Here the Riedel Cabernet Decanter is ideal for these types of wines. With its sober design, and wide opening and base, it allows the wine to be poured in energetically, causing the necessary oxygenation, while softening its tannins and allowing it to reveal all its character and personality.

There are other types of wine that need to be decanted gently in order to open up and express all their character, such as white wines and sparkling wines with lengthy aging. For this task the perfect decanter is the Riedel Cornetto Single. With its stylish neck and wavy shapes, the wine slides delicately in it until it reaches the base, where it can breathe calmly. Here each wine takes the time it needs to reveal its entire personality.

Decanting times need to be taken into account in all this, for instance, old wines and wines with a long aging will need more resting time than young wines with body and wines that display some kind of reduction.

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