When should you decant wine?

The debate about the decanting of wine is long, complex, intense and is often very confusing for a wine consumer who is not used to this technique.

At Decántalo, we thought it would be a good idea to share some thoughts about this interesting debate to help you make a better decision about the type of wines that you will be choosing.

decanting(The ritual of decanting wine, by jdrephotography)

In our opinion, there are 6 situations where we would recommend decanting wine.

1. Wine with crystals: Wines that have not been filtered, like Les Crestes 2012, or aged wines, often  have dregs that, while they do not affect the quality of the wine (in fact they usually indicate high quality) they can be unpleasant on the palate, as well as reinforcing bitter notes. In these circumstances, it would be best to decant the wine, in order to eliminate the sediment.

2. In order to smooth some of the herbaceous notes in the wine, which usually needs more time in the bottle: If we come across a wine that is “not ready at all”, decanting (with more oxygen) will render the wine more round and polished.

3. When wine is closed at the start: How many times have you opened a bottle of wine and only started enjoying it when you reached the last glass? To avoid these situations, do not hesitate to use a decanter!

4. Enjoying some white wine to its full potential: Whoever said that you can only decant red wines? The vast majority of white wines that have been aged for a long time and are matured, like Viña Gravonia 2004, are more agreeable if they have been aerated for a while. The final result is very interesting! In these cases, make sure you cool the wine in a decanter after it has been opened to avoid harsh changes in temperature.

5. If you are going to enjoy a natural wine: Natural wines that are produced without added chemicals or sulphates, like the wines of the Bodega Escoda Sanahuja, are much better when drunk from a decanter. If you are thinking of trying any natural wines in the next few days, try this one.

6. Improving sparkling wine: Strangely, sometimes a sparkling wine will react positively to decanting. In these cases, the decanter must always be of the Pomerol type. This will help integrate the carbon in the bubbles when they are defective.

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