What is an Atlantic Wine?


Some of our regular reader may remember that not too long ago, we dedicated an entire article to looking at Mediterranean wines. The wines are warming, muscular and exuberant in aromas, which can be said in no other way than “opposites” or the Ying to the Yang: these are the Atlantic wines.

This is the type of wines that we would like to dedicate today’s post. Would you like to delve into the goodness and characteristics of Atlantic wines? Prepare your glasses, we’re off!

ribeiraVineyards in the DO Ribeira Sacra. Image by Santi Villamarín (CC BY 2.0)


Despite what you are already know, generalising about certain things is never very precise, but, we can say that best Atlantic wines tend to be from the Northwest of the Peninsula. A fresh and rainy area, much unlike the rest of the country.

It is no surprise that we will find different Atlantic wines ranging from different designations of origins: Rías Baixas, Ribeira Sacra, Bierzo, Valdeorras or La Rioja Alavesa for example.

The climate is not how you would imagine Spain to be (humid and cooler temperatures), this therefore translates into a later ripening period for the grapes. Thus, giving the wine a stronger acidity and freshness; proving to be lighter, finer, floral and a moderate expression of the grape.

Furthermore, the lower sugar levels in the grapes mean that the wines have a lower alcohol grade, around the 13% mark.

In conclusion, the wines are not as vibrant, but at the same, even more elegant.

Would you like to discover some interesting Atlantic wines? Here are a few recommendations:

Gaba do Xil Mencía 2012. A fantastic monovarietal from Mencía, produced by the oenologist, Telmo Rodríguez in the D.O Valdeorras. A fresh, silky wine but what makes this wine even more interesting is its very attractive price.

Goliardo Caiño 2011. We now travel to the D.O Rías Baixas to highlight this elegant and very tasty 100% Caiño (a variety that is now practically extinct) originating from old vines, produced by the technical director and oenologist Raúl Pérez. Lots of red fruit and fantastically accompanied by elegant balsamic notes and a subtle salty memory. A great wine.

Alanda 2012. We remain firmly in Galicia, but a new designation. This great wine from the D.O Monterrei is well worth a mention. Lots of red fruit, freshness and elegance in abundance. A Galician wine but it would appear to be from the Burgundy region.
What are you waiting for? You will love them!

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