Ferrer Bobet 2010 and Castell d’Encús

ekam blanc 2011

Last Monday, in the tasting organised by Cuvée 3000 with Raül Bobet as a special guest, we had the pleasant surprise of tasting the so expected Ferrer Bobet 2010 (amazing!) and the great wines he produces in Talarn, in the Pyrenees. You will have to wait until December (date scheduled for its release) to buy Ferrer Bobet 2010, but meanwhile, we invite you to enjoy the magnificent wines made at the Castell d’Encús Winery.

These are high-altitude wines, from vineyards grown at 1000 metres altitude. The climate conditions under which they are grown, the soil composition, the respect for the environment and the way the whole winemaking process is carried out (the Wine is fermented in wooden, stainless steel tanks and natural stone tanks) are the perfect match to obtain these particular wines.

We started tasting Ekam 2011, a blend of Riesling and Albariño, excluding the short percentage of grapes affected by botrytis added in previous vintages. Ekam is a very lively, fresh and scented white wine with hints of citrus and a dense, unctuous texture. It can still be stored for 2-3 years in optimal conditions. Delicious.

Taleia 2011 is a Sauvignon Blanc blended with Semillon, fermented in wooden and stone tanks with its lees and aged for 5 months in barrels. It is floral, spicy, oily and has a great acidity that got us salivating and prepared our palate for the next glass of wine. It is a complex and at the same time easy-drinking wine…

One of the surprises arrived when the new –SO2 was presented. It is elaborated with the same base wine as the Taleia but with no addition of sulphurous, no filtration and no clarification. Its color and aromas are more intense and it shows a higher complexity.
In our next post, we will tell more on this tasting and on the red wines that were presented.

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