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Wine glasses: Which glass for which wine

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After choosing the wine you want to drink, the next important decisions are searching for the correct temperature and choosing a suitable glass to enhance the virtues and hide the weaknesses of the wine. We already spoke about the correct … Continuar leyendo

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XVII Show of the Peñín Guide’s Best Spanish Wines

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Last Thursday, 27th October, we attended the annual show of the best Spanish wines organised by the Peñín Guide in the Palacio de Congresos in Madrid. More than 150 wineries exhibited their best wines valued by the Guide; a great opportunity … Continuar leyendo

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Blind wine tasting: The great practice that brings us back down to planet earth

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It is an art, an exercise in sincerity, of stripping a wine down and creating a coherent opinion on what’s in front of you. It is a perfect tool to develop, for professionals as well as amateurs. “A Set of 9” … Continuar leyendo

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Cata de la estación de Haro Wine Experience 2016

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On Friday 16th September, we went to the Haro Station district to the wine tasting organised by six wineries that form part of the district. It is one of the epicentres of Rioja wine and the Spanish wine-making scene, with more … Continuar leyendo

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A Emoción dos Viños 2016.

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Last weekend we had the opportunity to go over to Valença Do Miño, in the Quinta de Santa Luzia in Portugal for the sixth edition of the A Emoción dos Viños fair. The fair is usually held in the cloister … Continuar leyendo

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At what temperature should you serve your wine?

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The right temperature to serve wine is a fairly common question, and not always, or perhaps almost never, do we manage to agree on an answer. Or worse, we only agree on one thing: white wine should be served ‘cold’ … Continuar leyendo

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What is an Atlantic Wine?

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  Some of our regular reader may remember that not too long ago, we dedicated an entire article to looking at Mediterranean wines. The wines are warming, muscular and exuberant in aromas, which can be said in no other way … Continuar leyendo

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Pairing wine with fish

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As the heat of summer is slowly approaching, with it, our dining habits change. Almost without noticing, we abandon hot soups and stronger red meat in favour of dishes which are more consistent with the season. A cooler and lighter … Continuar leyendo

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Bacchus Awards 2015: A look at the winning wines

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Good news for lovers of Spanish wines, as a few hours ago, the Spanish Tasters Union (UEC) announced the list of winning wines at the Bacchus 2015 Awards, a great Spanish tradition in the world of wine, and certainly one … Continuar leyendo

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When should you decant wine?

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The debate about the decanting of wine is long, complex, intense and is often very confusing for a wine consumer who is not used to this technique. At Decántalo, we thought it would be a good idea to share some … Continuar leyendo

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