The Top 10 Wines for the Summer

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We compiled a list of our summer wines recommendations. These are 10 very special, fresh, palatable and perfect wines to blissfully enjoy these summer days. I´m sure that you´ll find them delectable. As summer progresses, we find ourselves readjusting our everyday habits. Normally, we opt for fresher and lighter dishes, which leads us to choose a wine that follows the same rhythm. We´re looking for light-bodied, fresh wines that work well for a starter, or paired with a nice salad…or why not even with a hearty seafood dish?
However, before we begin, we must warn you: we´re going to shatter that myth that deems red wine unfit for the summer. It´s simply a matter of choosing the right one. Just keep on reading…

We are starting off our summer wine list with an especially summery variety, the Albariño. To be more specific, the Zárate Albariño. This wine is made with grapes harvested from grapevines that are 35 or more years old. Savory, good acidity and elegant, it makes for a perfect paring with appetizers, shellfish and fish.

lustau-3-en-rama-fino-de-el-puerto-de-santa-mariaThe second recommendation hails from the south, from the D.O. Jerez and more specifically, from the Puerto de Santa María in the province of Cádiz. Lustau 3 en Rama Fino de El Puerto de Santa María. It´s a delicate wine with character, made by Bodegas Lustau, a historic wine cellar founded in 1896. The wine is aged using the criadera and solera system. It´s elegant, sharp, rich and savory. The wine wonderful as a starter paired with cured meats.

herrigoiaLet´s move onto a red wine, but not just any red wine. It´s a red wine produced by carbonic maceration. In carbonic maceration, fermentation takes place inside the grape itself, always maintaining its shape, which gives a strong fruity flavor to the wine. Herrigoia is a wine made in the Rioja region by El Mozo Wines, a family-owned cellar with 40 years of history. They provide us with a fresh, fruity and crisp wine. It´s great with salads, cured and light meats…it´s even delicious in the first days of autumn.

alfredo-maestro-lovamorOur next suggestion is a natural wine. This wine comes from a carefully managed vineyard without any kind of further elaborations in the cellar. Lovamor, is a white wine that the great Master Alfredo creates in the Castilla-León province. It is a delicious varietal Albillo with body, full flavors and glycerol. It´s ideal for seafood rice dishes. Another idea is to enjoy it in the evening, watching the sun set.

musikantoIt would be a crime to leave out rose wine in our top 10 summer wines. And since we´ve already talked about natural wines, let´s move onto a natural rose wine: Musikanto, from Bernabé Navarro. It´s a wine that´s produced in the D.O. Alicante with red Grenache grapes from vines that are anywhere between 40 and 60 years old. Musikanto is perfect to drink as a starter or with a steak tartar. It´s very fruity, very flavorful and delicious.

chivite-las-fincas-rosadoAnd now that we´ve mentioned a rose wine… here´s another one with a completely different take. Chivite Las Fincas Rosado. It´s produced by the Chivite Wine cellar in the province of Navarra. It´s a wine that´s favored by the well-known Spanish chef, Juan Mari Arzak. It´s a blending wine made with Grenache and Tempranillo grapes aged 6 months in lees. It makes for light, fresh, delicate and creamy wine. Pair it with sushi, seafood or have it as an appetizer.

vina-zorzal-garnachaThe next wine on our list is yet another from the Navarro region, Viña Zorzal Garnacha. It´s a red wine made by the Viña Zorzal Wine Cellar using grapes from vines that exceed 60 years in age. It´s a cellar that fully believes that “a wine is born in the vineyard” as well as in local grape varieties. This Grenache wine boasts a fruity and impressively fresh character, which is the perfect pair for a barbecued meats and vegetables, or even fatty fish.

barco-del-cornetaWe can´t leave out Verdejo wines from our list. Barco del Corneta is an ecological wine made in La Seca (in the Valladolid province) by Beatriz Herranz, aiming to create a purely varietal Verdejo, respecting the soil, the climate and the grape. Carefully crafted, it´s far from the typical tropical aromas. It´s a true Verdejo. Pair it with a hearty rice dish, baked fish, shellfish or enjoy it simply as a starter.

recaredo-brut-de-brut-finca-serral-del-vellLet´s move onto a cava. This particular cava comes from one of the largest bodegas and it´s always in style. Recaredo Brut de Brut Finca Serral del Vell is produced in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia by the Recaredo Wine Cellar. It´s a blend of Macabeo and Xarel·lo grapes, cultivated by the principles of biodynamic agriculture. It´s traditionally made with a manual riddling process, disgorgement and long aging with an all-natural cork. It´s a straight-foward cava. Try it as a starter, with salads, smoked meats, rice dishes or grilled fish. It has good acidity with a finely-integrated carbonic. It´s both delicate and profound.

ultreia-menciaLast but not least, we have a wonderful red wine from one of the most important names in the Spanish winemaking scene, S, Raúl Pérez. Hailing from Bierzo, Ultreia Mencía, here is an artisanal wine that´s pure, sincere and produced with one of the Reina varieties in this region. It´s a fresh, expressive and elegant wine that will surely make its impression on any taster. It makes a heavenly pair with meats or cheeses.

We hope that you liked our list and that you enjoy these wines…and of course, have a wonderful summer! :)

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