Pairing red wine and meat

Following on with our series about pairing wine and food, today however, we look to suggest a few perfect red wines to pair with an array of different meats readly available on the market.

Despite the traditional (and erroneous) belief, the one sure fact is that not every red wine can be paired with whatever meat, and many less contribute to supporting a correct balance in flavour. Today, we are here to clear up any doubts that you may have, below are a few red wine recommendations that you can enjoy depending on the meat that you are going to be cooking. Would you like to join us?

carne-vino-tinto Vino tinto y carne: Un binomio perfecto. Imagen por Ed Ivanushkin (CC BY 2.0)

As a general rule, we should chose to pair red wine with meat using a simple premise: The more delicate the meat, the lighter the red wine must be. Therefore, we must never forget about the importance of the cooking methods. Logically speaking, we would never chose the same red wine to be paired with a grilled steak or a beef stew.

To help calibrate all these different variables, we have come up with a few ideas that we hope you will like. Take note:

White meats and poultry that are cooked simply. To pair this type of dish, we would chose an aromatic, smooth and light red wine. Light body with a medium to low tannic structure. The richer the food, the more structure we need our wine to compensate. Carbonically macerated or light varietals and aromatic wines, like Pinot Noir would go perfect with this type of dish.  The perfect example: Acusp 2013, from the winery Castell d’Encús. One of the best Pinot Noir’s produced in Spain.

Braised or grilled red meats. Who doesn’t drool at the thought of a good beef steak? This type of meat is paired perfectly with aged (crianza) red wines, but also with some fruity notes. We think that “New Rioja” wines or wines from D.O Ribera del Duero would fit the bill perfectly. Try the Aalto 2013. An intense, vibrant, complex and expressive wine.

Complex casserole dishes. To pair this dish, we would need a strong and intense wine, aged and with good complexity. When we tend to think about this type of dish, we would recommend these designations: Toro, Montsant and the Priorat, as demonstrated by Les Terrasses 2013. A magnificent wine produced by Álvaro Palacios, intense, balsamic and very mineral.

Game. The most complex and full-bodied wine would go a treat with this dish, accompanied by wild boar, venison or roebuck. As a result of combining the wine with these powerful flavours, the meat is doted with a certain delicacy, as with the wine in fruitiness. We would recommend to put this to the test with Reservas and Grandes Reservas from La Rioja, like the Rioja Alta 904 Gran Reserva 2004. Give it a go. The results will be spectacular.


These are some of our ideas, but there are so many different options! What is your ideal pairing? Let us know!

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