Wine rating: Who’s who

At Decántalo we’ve introduced several new scores in order to reflect the different criteria of the main consumer motivators worldwide. We present the people behind these ratings and their different ways of reflecting the scores.

wines with parker points

Wines rated by Parker: Robert Parker Jr became the most influential man in the world of wine by writing and publishing The Wine Advocate from his hometown of Maryland. From his home he managed to refute the view of the great critics of the time by insisting that the 1982 vintage in Bordeaux was one of the greatest in recent times. Since then he has achieved a worldwide reputation where his scores have succeeded in influencing millions of consumers and even winemakers, by adapting the wines to the personal tastes of Robert Parker Jr. Today the person in charge of tasting Spanish wines is Luis Gutiérrez, a great connoisseur of the various wine regions and a person who likes to examine the vineyards at first hand and get to know the people behind each of them.

From 96 to 100: An extraordinary, deep and complex wine which retains the classic attributes of the area.
From 90 to 95: A wine with exceptional complexity and character.
From 80 to 90: From the 80s upward it would be an average level wine up to 89, which would be a very good wine.

Wines rated by Suckling: James Suckling is originally from Los Angeles. Since the beginnings of Wine Spectator in 1981 he has been a contributor to the publication. Due to the expansion of the magazine he moved to Europe, where he was in charge of all tastings at a European level. Since then he has had a close relationship with all the European producers. He estimates that he has blind-tasted more than 200,000 wines throughout his career. In 2010 he decided to set up his own publication and now has a large team of collaborators who cover the most famous wine-producing areas around the world, including Spain.
Their scores are also awarded using the American 100 points method; where they are built up based on these parameters: Color 15; Aromas 25; Structure on the palate 25, overall evaluation of the wine 35.

Wines rated by Peñin: José Peñín has been the pioneer in rating Spanish wines for more than 25 years; an extensive history of tastings that has discovered a great many wines for amateurs and professionals. The scoring scale is similar to the American system, scoring out of a 100

From 95 to 100: A positive rating in all senses, and with an exceptional intensity.
From 90 to 94: Wine with values ​​similar to the exceptional ones but with less intensity and fewer nuances.
From 85 to 89: Wine in which nuances of its type and wine-producing area stand out.
From 80 to 84: Wine with minimal nuances with regard to its type and wine-producing area.
From 70 to 79: Does not present any remarkable factor.
From 60 to 69: Nuances that may have defects are observed.
From 50 to 59: Defective bottle.

Wines rated by Decanter: Decanter is a British publication founded in 1975, and is the oldest wine magazine in the country. Its expansion has continued non-stop, and it is now published in over 90 countries.
Since 1991 the magazine can also be read on its website, and is one of the most visited on the planet. Their ratings are scored out of 100, and are translated into different medals.

From 98 to 100: An outstanding wine – Gold medal
From 95 to 97: An excellent wine – Gold medal
From 90 to 94: Highly recommended – Silver Medal
From 86 to 89: Recommendable – Bronze medal
From 80 to 85: Praised

Wine rated by Tim Aktin: This British journalist and Master of wine, is one of the most influential consumer motivators in the English-speaking market and a co-chairman of the International Wine Challenge, one of the most prestigious competitions worldwide using the blind tasting method. He writes contributions for important publishers such as Decanter or Drink Business. The scoring parameters are similar to those of Decanter.

And lastly, our own point scoring system, which we explained in a previous post and are recovering here.

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