Top 100 wines of 2013, according to Wine Spectator

As every year at around this date, the prestigious specialised magazine Wine Spectator has published its particular list of the 100 best wines of the year, a must-read article for wine lovers around the world.

The 2013 edition of the 100 best wines by Wine Spectator has been drawn out of the tasting of more than 20,000 samples of newly released wines around the world, and the final list is made up by wines from 14 different countries. The final ranking of the wines takes into account the criteria such as the general rating obtained in the wine tasting, but also the price and the availability.


This year 2013 will be specially remembered for two reasons: the first one, because it is the 25th anniversary of the Top 100 list, thus the most veteran ranking of the wine industry. The second reason, and the most important for us, because for the very first time in the history, a Spanish wine won the first place in  the Wine Spectator’s Top 100.

The winner of this edition is none other than Cune Imperial Gran Reserva 2004, one of the greatest wines from the D.O. Rioja, which is only produced from the most excellent vintages.

Cune Imperial Gran Reserva is a complex, clean, intense and balanced, elegant wine. A great red wine that conveys and expresses all the wisdom of its grapes and the land where it comes from. Moreover, if apart from its qualities we take into account its price (only 26.95€!), it is completely easy to understand how this wine seduced the editors of this famous American magazine.

Its only handicap: some hours after the winner’s publication, this wine was completely sold out. However, there is still good news since Cune Imperial Gran Reserva 2005 is available. Find out the efficiency of the winery Bodegas Cune thanks to the best wine of 2013 according to Spectator!

Nevertheless, this is not the sole Spanish representation in this list since there is a total of 9 Spanish wines among the 100 best wines of the year according to Wine Spectator. An excellent representation, in which we would like to mention three of our favourite wines:

In the 22nd place, we find Viña Ardanza 2004, one of the gems from the region of Rioja Alta. A rounded and complex wine with an impressive value for money.

Only four places behind it, in the 26th place, we travel to the region of Priorat in order to enjoy Les Terrasses Velles Vinyes 2011, by the winery Álvaro Palacios. A wine full of elegance, pure expression of the Priorat. It is a balsamic silky and well-balanced wine… simply wonderful.

A bit behind, in the 95th place of the list, there is one of the best Grenache wines produced in our country: Alto Moncayo Garnacha 2012, from the D.O. Campo de Borja. An intense, tasty, sweet and looong wine. A wine that has recently got 100 points in its 2007 and 2009 vintages by Robert Parker himself.

With these results, the conclusion is clear: our wines are becoming more and more respected internationally.

Click on the following link in order to have a look to the Wine Spectator’s Top 100 wines of 2013 full list

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