Latest wines: new wines at Decántalo September 2017

September is the best month of the year. Yes, you heard right! It is the best month because, right now, all the wineries are harvesting and working very hard to offer you the best wines you can enjoy in the future. So, it’s back to the routine, but cheer up and think about the good things that are in the making. Like these new wines we offer you this month. Only the best:

Corta Y Raspa La Charanga 2016: We present you one of the wines of a fascinating project that is taking place in Sanlucar. They are trying to revalue the vineyards and farms in this territory. To do so, Ramiro Ibáñez, alongside the “mayetos” (winegrowers), has chosen to minimise treatments and limit the production per hectare and the spontaneous fermentation in the butt, this is, for the most unique vineyards. An excellent opportunity to try the singularities of each site. La Charanga comes from one of the most treasured sites in Sanlucar, Mahina. A great chance to see a pure Palomino planted on the best soils, the Albariza.

Táganan Blanco 2016: We finally have the much-awaited Tágana Blanco back in stock. One of the most impressive sites of Tenerife, and one of the white wines with the most personality we can taste today. A new vintage and a great new wine from the Envínate team. Bravo!

Rodrigo Méndez Cíes 2016: This new vintage of Rodrigo Méndez is rounder than the previous one. This wine comes from several vineyards located in Meaño, within the sub-area of ​​Salnés. Although it always enters the market with quite a sharp profile, this year we have the opportunity to enjoy it in its youth, since its acidity is somewhat more controlled. If you want to know what a genuine Rías Baixas is, then you’ll have to try it.

MicroBio Wines La Banda del Argilico 2016: We present a new winemaker in our ranks, Ismael Gózalo and his personal project. After building the foundations of Ossian, he has started a new stage producing wines without frills. Some of them from old vineyards such as La Banda del Argilico, two pre-phylloxeric vineyards planted with the Verdejo variety in the town of Nieva. As a result, we have an austere white wine with grip. A wine with timeless features that will make you believe again in the potential of this variety.

Botijo Rojo Garnacha 2015: Frontonio is one of the great wineries that can return the true identity of the Grenache to its origins, Aragón. Very old vineyards located in Valdejalón, vinified and managed by Mario López and Fernando Mora (recently appointed as the new Master of Wine. Congratulations!). Wines that set themselves apart from maturity and excessive alcohol. They have that lightness and fluidity that make you finish the bottle.

Dominio de Anza Finca El Rapolao 2015: Diego Magaña comes from a family of winegrowers and winemakers of Navarre. He has spent two years making two fantastic wines in El Bierzo, at Raúl Pérez’s winery. The new vintage of this wine that we show you, is made in the famous site of El Rapolao, in the Valtuille valley. A fine and vital Mencía.

Fedellos do Couto Bastarda 2016: Fedellos hit the target one again, faithfully interpreting the terroir and the Bastarda variety. As a result, we have a wine that is both complex and fresh. Each year, they line it up even more, until they reach an endless straight line every time you drink. It is essential if you want to know how the area of ​​Ribeira Sacra evolves.

Marqués de Murrieta Reserva 2013: Little more can be added about one of the great classic wineries of La Rioja. One of those wines that should always be in a good cellar or wine fridge.

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