Latest wines: new wines at Decántalo October 2017


We present you with the latest wines for October, new projects, new vintages. The best of the best for the beginning of autumn. Stock up!

Callejuela Las Mercedes Pago Aniña 2016: The Blanco brothers are creating a trend. Alongside Ramiro Ibáñez they are producing some unique wines. Naked, without velo de flor, they show the power of the albariza soils. This wine comes from the Aniña mountain, one of the great great farms of Sanlúcar.

Marko 2016: One of the Txakoli vines from Vizcaya with the most personality produced by Oxer Basteguieta in Kortezubi. Mainly made from the Hondarribi Zuri variety, but also with Petit Maseng to give it more body. A very fresh wine, energetic and full of vitality, like its producer.

Còsmic Via Fora Macabeu 2016: Salvador Batlle is a vintner who wants to make wines in the most natural way possible. In his brief trajectory, he has become a reference within this type of wines. He makes this Maccabeu from Penedés in three different ways to give complexity to an aromatic variety that is somewhat neutral.

Qué Bonito Cacareaba 2016: Here is the new vintage of one of the most muscular white wines of Rioja. Benjamín Romeo makes this wine with a majority of White Grenache and some Viura. It is fermented in new barrels to give it body and creaminess.

Mahara Amorro 2015: Once of those wines that, just as its name suggests, is to drink “Amorro”, straight from the bottle. Tintilla and Tempranillo varieties planted on albariza soils. They are vinified with the least extraction possible to turn it into a pleasure wine. Many thanks to the guys from Mahara for making such enjoyable wines.

Tragaldabas 2015: Mandrágora Vinos does an excellent job to make known the Sierra de Francia in Salamanca, as well as its main native variety, the Rufete. This village wine (vino de pueblo) is made along with the stems to give the wine freshness. A good wine to get to know the potential of the Rufete variety .

La Forcalla de Antonia 2016: Another native Valencian variety rescued by a great vintner of the area, Rafael Cambrá. He tries to understand the 55-year-old Forcayat he has planted and, by the looks of it, he has found the right path. A production that preserves the fruit by ageing and stabilising the wine in large barrels. A fluid, fruity and spiced wine.

Verónica Ortega Versión Original: A slightly less concentrated Mencía, from the bottom part of the vineyard that is destined to their top wine, ROC. It is vinified in clay jars (tinajas). The most original Bierzo, without frills, by Verónica Ortega.

Clos Mogador 2015: There is no need for a greater presentation for one of the wines that revived Priorat. Rene Barbier and his sons make this wine from one of the most famous amphitheatres in the area. A classic within the short life of D.O.Q. Priorat.

Lustau 3 en Rama Manzanilla de Sanlúcar de Barrameda 2017: Last wine extraction (saca). One of the most delicate sacas of Lustau. This Manzanilla en Rama perfectly transports you to a day among the magnificent bars of Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

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