Honoro Vera and Juan Gil 4 Meses. New vintages of Juan Gil group´s babies

Few wine-producers´ projects have been able to give us as much satisfaction as the Gil family has in the last 10 years. And it is to this family that we owe the arrival onto the market of many names that to this day have already had a place among the “primeras espadas” of new Spanish wine.

Who hasn´t heard of names like Clio, Can Blau, Entreuselos or Shaya?

Bodega Juan GilBodega Juan Gil

But today what we really want to talk about is the arrival on the market of the new vintages of two of the most “modest” wines, but also the greatest and most international of the group: Juan Gil 4 Meses 2013 and Honoro Vera 2013.

Juan Gil 4 Meses 2013, the little brother of the wines from Bodega Juan Gil, represents all the authenticity of the Monastrell grape, and is a fantastic means of approach to the winery.

Made from old vines over 40 years old situated at 700 m altitude Juan Gil 4 Meses shows itself to be an expressive and tasty wine, encouraging another sip. Power in perfect balance.

An undeniably intelligent purchase when you consider its price: only €5,75!

And how could we forget Honoro Vera 2013, the new vintage of this seductive Grenache made by Bodegas Ateca, the project of Gil Family States in the D.O. Calatayud.

Honoro Vera 2013 is made with 100% Grenache grapes from the winery´s own vineyards situated on the hillsides of the Ateca mountains and the surrounding towns. A clean and bright wine, with sexy red fruit gradually giving way to some intense toasted, mineral notes. An excellent value wine.

A fun fact: the vintage prior to Honoro Vera was chosen as the wine to accompany the gala dinner at the Oscars.

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