Can you help us fund a major new project?

First of all we’re delighted to announce that, thanks to everyone’s collaboration, we’ve succeeded in achieving 100% of the funding that the Global Humanitaria association needed to carry out the project entitled “Assisted therapy with horses for people with disabilities“, a project for helping children with physical problems to improve their quality of life by promoting their self-reliance and encouraging the stimulation, rehabilitation and reeducation of those functions and motor skills that have been altered.
On our part, we’d just like to say … Thank you all for your collaboration!

Yet this doesn’t end here. We’re launching a new collaboration and we’d like to ask for your help.
A new project that we believe is really worthwhile. This is the “Sharing food resources” campaign. A campaign organized by Nutrición Sin Fronteras aimed at protecting the universal right to food for people in a situation of poverty.


Taking advantage of the fact that Barcelona is a tourist city, with a significant number of hotels, Nutrition without borders is launching this project to take advantage of the surplus of food cooked in hotel kitchens. Nutrition without borders is responsible for collecting and distributing this food in meal centres, while ensuring optimal hygiene and food safety conditions throughout the transportation process.

This project’s ultimate goal is for 50 people to benefit directly, by receiving a balanced and nutritious daily meal for a month and a half.
We look forward to your help in getting this project funded soon. When you place your order, you can check a box in the shopping cart to make your contribution. You can collaborate with as little as € 1.

You can see the follow-up for the funding of this project on the of Worldcoo website by following this link:

Thank you all in advance!

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