5 great value wines you can’t miss

At Decantalo we’re joining the craze that seems to be taking over the internet (no we’re not referring to the selfie, that will come later, but rather the trend of “The Top X” lists), with a selection of five wines that, from our point of view, a wine lover mustn’t miss.

The wines we’re talking about are magnificent value, with a maximum price of €10, and fantastic reviews by the guru Robert Parker. Don’t miss them.

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Yaso 2012, by Viñedos Iberian Wines. 93 Parker points for less than €10 is a more than apt ad for this fresh and complex Tinta de Toro single-varietal. A magnificent example of the fantastic wines this designation of origin has been producing recently at knockdown prices.

Señorío de los Baldíos Crianza 2009. We don’t have to travel too far to present another new addition to our website, which arrives with aspirations of being a resounding sales success. Señorío de los Baldíos Crianza 2009, from the DO Ribera del Duero, is a fleshy and large 100% Tinta del País wine, recently crowned with 93 points by Robert Parker. Its price? €10.25. An absolute bargain.

Herencia Altés Garnatxa 2012. We now travel to Catalonia, more specifically the DO Terra Alta, to to debut a high-flying Grenache at an excellent price. Fruit, fruit and more fruit… and an exquisite and subtle minerality, make Herencia Altés Garnatxa one of the smartest purchases of the year. 91 Parker points for this wine which goes on sale at only €6.45. What more can you ask for?

Muruve Roble 2011. If you’ve already seen what the DO Toro is capable of, the arrival of Muruve Roble 2011 will confirm the excellent value red wines currently being produced in this DO. This wine desires no more than to provide the drinker with a deep enjoyment, which is certainly something. A great little wine. 90 Parker points for only €5.20.

Naevus 2011. We return to Terra Alta to introduce another wine we’ve recently been dazzled by for its incredibly good value: Naevus 2011, a very intense and silky blend of Grenache and Syrah. A pleasant surprise at €6.70 since it was recently awarded with 90 Parker points.

We promise to continue finding great wines at laughable prices to mention in our future articles. We’ll keep you updated!

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